Published 2023-01-11

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  • Peter Ashtar
    Action, fighting and extreme violence seem to be the only scifi movies being made these days. I miss movies with good plots and character development.
  • David Bachelard
    Ant-Man, je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais j'ai comme l'impression que ça sera le meilleur film Marvel depuis le tout premier. Si la bande annonce ne fait pas mentir le film, ça sera vraiment un film de dingue.
  • The Bad Batch has been great this season! Can't wait for The Mandalorian! Hoping Foundation is as great as it can be.
  • Father Platypus
    Armageddon and Pandora must be comedy, right? There's no way thats a serious scifi movie, in this day of age. 2 decades ago, those movies would've been amazing
  • ytRbro
    SECRET INVASION (2023) looks bad ass! 👏👏
  • The Mandalorian rule of no helmet dropping is always making me laugh out loud !
    I picture a little garantee label behind the helmet with the mention : "Mandalorian status revoked if label is torn off or ripped."

    - But man they had my fav slurpee but no straws !!!
    - Ok then it doesn't count...
  • G Wang
    I want a sequel to LUCY. :(
    In which she comes back and pummels the WEF.
  • javier rodriguez
    La unica que veria seria, la ultima Linoleum. El personaje muy parecido al actor de el Hombre de 100 años que salto por la ventana! muy buena pelicula sueca!
    Wow secret wars actually looks good
  • lee gibson
  • Ishiwishy
    Can’t wait for 2025 Armageddon.
  • tauron1
    Linoleum looks like the only one worth watching in the this oddball bunch of big budget streaming trailers mixed in with low budget also rans.
  • Hendra Lesmana
    That Armageddon movie should get Oscar for CGI 🤣🤣🤣
  • Julia Hertzer
    I don't understand why Marvel Movies continuously show up in the Sci-fi section..... they belong clearly to the fantasy/action/super hero - genre. Sci-fi has something to do with basic questions on how alternative human realities would turn out, not necessarily in the future and not necessarily related to aliens or space - sci-fi mainly addresses philosophical questions on the nature of mankind itself connected with diverse topics like technology, progress, alternative reality or dystopian scenarios, science, AI....
    Marvel Movies clearly do none of this.
  • Ch1llma3xtr3m
    Gimme a Star Wars Commando Game with the Bad Batch Team !
  • TheWirdbird
    Everyone loves baby Yoda! Must be more Star Wars about.
  • RadReax Noh
    So SyFy is doing science fiction again? Interesting.
  • str1xt
    The ARK. I can smell the gen Z anxiety from here🤣😂
  • Patrioten
    After all the mega sharks, it was only matter of time before we saw a mega fish
  • Rena Sugars
    Cannot wait until 2025 Armageddon drops