Royal Blood - House of Vans, London, UK - (December 16th, 2017) [Remastered Audio]

Published 2020-05-13
Royal Blood - House of Vans, London, UK - (December 16th, 2017) [Remastered Audio]

Here's another attempt at mastering some very quiet audio. Video is still the same, just the audio has been cleaned up. Added an EQ to boost the low and high end for more clarity. Saturation was added to spruce up the dead sounding audio. Also limited the track so the audio wouldn't boost. It's not the best master attempt but it's progress on improving my master skills.

I believe I got the audio from the royal blood subreddit but I'm not too sure about it tho. WMG hit me with a copyright claim so Lights Out is removed from the concert unfortunately. sorry about that :( Anyways, hope you're all doing alright and staying safe!

All audio and footage belongs to Royal Blood and WMG

Mastered by: Sebastian Felix

1. [00:00] Where Are You Now?
2. [xx:xx] Lights Out [Removed by WMG for copyright claim :( ]
3. [05:29] Come On Over
4. [09:17] You Can Be So Cruel
5. [13:05] I Only Lie When I Love You
6. [16:58] Look Like You Know
7. [21:32] Little Monster
8. [28:44] Hook Line & Sinker
9. [33:30] Sleep
10. [39:21] Hole In Your Heart
11. [43:43] How Did We Get So Dark?
12. [48:35] Figure It Out
13. [56:00] Out of the Black

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All Comments (21)
  • What a bad ass Venue. Also so glad Mike Is sober, I don't think it was known to fans he was struggling but he looks a lot healthier. I'm almost 6 months off alcohol and feel so much better.
  • @nekkupera
    Damn good audio. My neighbours liked it too.
  • It's a real shame that I'm just now finding this. I think this might just be the best RB concert audio on the internet... amazing job.
  • @conor7445
    best live band ive ever seen and ive been to over 70 concerts
  • @jeanforthewin
    i was lucky enough to be at this show and it was f-ing awesome! thanks for uploading this!
  • @robcorr6119
    Oh men!! I loved the backvoices. They gave a great contrast to the band's show. Perfect combination! I don't really know how to describe it!! I'm very excited!!....
  • @GingerBabyVoodoo
    Best youtube find in a long time. Mind blowing set. Audio quality is some of the best ive ever heard from a live concert. These dudes blew me away. Im a fan now It doesnt get better than this! Holy shit
  • @willvidal36
    These girls steal the show !!! What a great performance !!
  • @gibfear
    1 track in and how the hell has this not got more likes??!!??
  • Hell yesss!! Been waiting for a remaster of this gig for too long, probably one of the best sets and setlists they've ever done, thank you so much!!
  • That view peak at Sleep, thats me on repeat. Blows the album version out of the water.
  • @V3x0r
    That venue looks like it's loud as hell. Great show!
  • This remaster is AWESOME! Thanks for this, I'm going to update my playlist!