Advanced English: Can You Understand this Real Conversation? (Topic: 2020)

Published 2020-08-05
Advanced English Conversation Time! In this episode, Jack and Kate discuss all things 2020. What a year it has been so far! We talk about goals, quitting caffeine, foreign accents, and family life. This is a great way to learn everyday English.

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All Comments (21)
  • I am from Brazil. I appreciated both accents, American and British. The conversation was very clear to me. Thanks a lot.
  • @bibekbam3869
    Thankyou To Fluency for this amazing video. You guys have made it easy for us to learn and analyse both English and American accent in a day-to-day conversational style.
  • @tintlwinoo4167
    Your live podcast about your family and daily works was not only enjoyable but also incredibly helpful in improving our English skills. Your patience and tolerance throughout the conversation are truly admirable. Thank you for creating such valuable content.
  • I really liked the conversation because I had the opportunity of listening to two different accents and two different tones of voices as well.
  • Great video! Good talk! Pleasant moments listening to you guys!!! Thank you very much! Absolutely helpful to improve my listening and comprehension. Thanks again for all...
  • It's so fun and you both speak clearly, I'm practicing my listening so it really helps me to improve my listening skill. THX SO MUCH🥳👋😇
  • That both accent is terribly stupendous ,I bloody do love watching your online videos you guys are such amazing - over and over getting exposed with the vocabulary words eventually my level of confident is rising , appreciate you guys CHEERS
  • @hussaintariq1
    what I enjoy the most in the entire conversation is how lovingly kate keeps looking at Jack having such a radiant and charming smile while he is speaking.
  • @alexbraz4255
    Hugs from Brazil. Great video for improve our listening skills. Everything was clear to me.
  • @ceav1n911
    to be honest I haven't ever heard such a clear conversation in my entire life, it's nice to know you can almost understand daily conversations without using any captions thanks to speakers who actually have a nature speaking.
  • I really appreciate you about these your effects that i found your talking so clearly ,that it help us to understand your conversation and your method that you spoke it was very important to know more words. Thank you to both.
  • @qianruguo3073
    Such a joy and beneficial experience to listen and watch your conversations!
  • @aykasaya8613
    I was thinking that my English was on Intermediate level, but I understood every word of you. Appreciate what you're doing
  • @nyandwifidele456
    You are amazing teachers, for sure. Keep up your good work because you're helping generations. May Lord God be with you alls!
  • @Motaleb_Canada
    I am origin Bangladeshi but living at British Columbia Canada. Both accents American as well as british the conversation was completely clear to me.I highly recommend to follow their video.lot of thanks from my heart for them.
  • @Dannyboboboi.
    Hello From Melbourne, This is my first time watching your channel and I really liked it. I either love your accent or the tone you are speaking. Also, you guys speaking smoothly and slow. Thank you guys.
  • @AnilKumar-ou5yd
    I am from India. I loved the way both of you are talking. Its really good to listen and improve voice and accent. Thank you so much 👍
  • Kate has a beautiful voice and Jack being brittish speaks very clear. Thx!! 👏
  • @sarahnguyen00
    Hi, It's great to see your channel these days. I am in the process of practising English, especially my communicative skills. Hopefully, I will be as good at my English skills as possible when I watch your videos because I am preparing for life in Australia. Anyway, I will try my best!