The funniest rocket league pro you've never heard of

Published 2022-11-30
His name is Kevin
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All Comments (21)
  • The part about him leaving to go to the toilet and getting worse is literally the most true thing I've ever seen
  • habibi_nyc
    As a Muslim, I'm dying laughing hearing the phrase "Bismillah flick.". Bismillah is like what we say before we do anything important or whatever, like asking God to bless whatever we're about to do or did lol, love Kevin and sunless!!!
  • Thanovic
    Kevin has made it to the big leagues, and actually went crazy on 200 ping… I love that man. Great vid Jon!
  • Zel Veraan
    I can genuinely say, I have never been so sad to see a YouTube video end. I could listen to this man talk for hours on end.
  • Benjamin Roussell
    Let’s all agree, if Kevin made a YouTube account, twitch account, etc. , that content would be phenomenal
  • I Sad
    Kevin had me giggling and laughing out loud almost the entire video. I love him and I want more content with Kevin. Thanks.
  • yukoncharlie2
    This dude's so wholesome for Rocket League. Seems like he's just having an immense amount of fun, precisely the way it should be.
  • Jamie Wardle
    i'd watch a Kevin stream. He isnt boring, great personality, and cracked.
  • ThomaSellers
    I think I speak for all when I say... We need more Kevin!!
  • David GRESSER
    Have been playing with Kevin for about three years now and every game is the same. Just fun, no rage, just chillin and he's the best mate you can find out there !
  • Richie Jayyy
    If my teammates were like Kevin, we would win more games for sure.
  • iBeKevo
    That response after Sunless said Musty had me weak 😂 this guy’s accent is dope af I don’t know if he said WHO or HUH but it was hilarious
  • Pickleduck
    I feel like more and more people are taking videogames too seriously.This guy is a prime example how to play the game and enjoy it.

    Mom I'm famous!
  • rahib
    As an Asian, I can confirm that Kevin is a treasure and the pride of the Asia region
  • Jeshua Frederick
    Just listening to this guy made me a happier person today. Get this guy a better sounding mic and do a series with him PLEASE!
  • Z34RK
    "I can feel him in my presence" bro I'm dying from his exact description of everything
  • Z34RK
    The fact that this man is this good and has never played of normal ping says so much about this guy with his humor like this
  • Scott S
    His energy is infectious. In a good way.
  • ObiWanKeSaba
    It’s nice to know some pros have a funny personality instead of always being serious