Mario Kart, but My Heart Rate Controls My Game Speed

Published 2024-05-14
I've attached my heart rate to the game of Mario Kart. When my heart rate increases, the game exponentially increases its speed. When my heart rate decreases, the game exponentially decreases its speed. Can I get all 12 mario kart places WITHOUT REPEATING, while controlling the beating of my own heart?

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Thank you to MelonSpeedruns for giving me access to a heart rate variable! The rest of the code & math was all me :)

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Artwork/Emotes by Lycel, SSSucrose, AbbyBagel
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  • @PointCrow
    If you're curious, the heart rate to game speed math i came up with was 2 ^ (0.1 * (currentHeartRate - 70)). So the game exponentially increases or decreases the farther you are away from the baseline of 70BPM! My engineering degree actually came in handy for a video lmao
  • @tropicalgoose
    “hey man, it’s me. you’re free” is such a great way to end
    Has heart attack mid-game: teleports to finish line
  • @Vrcing
    Hey man, IT'S ME! I'm glad you didn't get tired of my silly little bit, loved watching this challenge play out and it was fun to be included in the video somewhat. And remember, you're free :)
  • "there are no spiders in my hair. i have no spider children. the only legs in this room belong to me." new daily affirmations dropped
  • @MC.CHEESY456
    God: how did you die Pointcrow: playing Mario kart
  • @toxic-t1149
    OK NO THE 'hey man, its me. Youre free' MADE ME TEAR UP A BIT WTF
  • @elhopper3735
    I remember watching the chaos that was this challenge for several streams and watching chat pop off every time he’d have to restart was peak entertainment
  • @EddieNoon
    "NOW, IT'S TIME, TO PLAY THE WORST MARIO KART OF MY LIFE!" was genuinely such a hype moment
  • @falleman
    Collector’s anxiety is kicking in again
  • @IPaid4WinRAR
    4:56 threatening PointCrow with Nintendo lawyers is way too real for him LOL
  • @texnicolor
    It’s bad enough Mario Kart is the most RNG creation Nintendo has ever created. To have a heart rate monitor controlling the speed is ludicrous.
  • @RipePineapples
    Wow, PointSpider is really killing it, they're piloting that flesh puppet really well.
  • @archeremiya3533
    The fire emblem music at the end was a great touch and then "Hey man, you're free" got me good lol
  • @shiningdaraen
    10:36 "The Buddhist monks in the alps"?? I may have underestimated the popularity of Buddhism in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • @lmr4403
    I assumed that only Mario would speed up and slow down based on heart rate, instead of the entire game.
  • @YvngXotiiic
    His chat trying to freak him out is probably the funniest part of the video