New USPS Mail Truck will NOT be EV - Gets 1/2 mpg better than the one from 40 years ago

Published 2022-03-18
The postal service is standing firm on the new USPS mail truck being all gas and have effectively told the EPA they will not consider changing. We lay out details on this steaming hot mess, from the vehicle provider NOT being a company with large scale production experience to match most major US auto manufacturers to the quality of the mail truck build, to features and reliability the mail service will get in the new truck. There appears to be a double standard with the government getting tighter and tighter on emissions regulation, yet the proposed new truck with get less than 10mpg.

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All Comments (8)
  • NorseThe Horse
    As a mail carrier, all EV wouldn’t work because the infrastructure is just not in place, for example, at my office, theirs already very little room we would have no where to put charging stations. Also If someone were to forget to plug the thing up the previous day, then we are down a vehicle. Also, battery live just isn’t there. We are out on the route sometimes from sun up to sun down. No way they can last that long.
  • Alexander Theisen
    I think they might have an infrastructure problem going anywhere near all EV. They are a service which shouldn’t make a profit. It costs so much to get to people who live in very rural areas. They deliver necessary prescriptions and lower the cost of shipping from tons of private organizations shipping products. I don’t care if .001% of my tax dollars go to making sure people people in remote areas get what they need. Plus over time the EV Should lower operating costs considerable.
  • Salty
    Power outage from a bad evening/night storm? Purchasing and installing the stations, plus the GASOLINE OE DIESEL generators would be enormous. What about when people unplug the postal vehicles to charge their own for free? Electric vehicles would end the Postal Service.
  • Doug Grinbergs
    Not our fault Postal Service dragged their feet for too many years. EV space has shifted - and continues to shift - dramatically since original RFP, topped with previous administration #kakistocracy
  • Tom Scala
    The postal service was forced to fund retirement for decades in the future. Speak the the real reason the postal service is in trouble.
  • Doug Grinbergs
    Groups like ZETA fighting for #ZEV USPS #NGDV mail delivery vans to replace decades-old fire-risk Grumman #LLV. Still, perhaps naively, hoping Congress will void Oshkosh deal, force RFP do-over. P.S. how come only defense contractors get mail truck contracts?