An ignorant Vision Pro unboxing - Apple Vision Pro

Published 2024-02-09
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After many years of leaks and rumours, Apple's new AR/VR headset, the Vision Pro, is finally here! With amazing passthrough cameras, eye tracking, screens, and weird personas, will Linus be impressed with Apple's offerings, or will the price tag be enough to scare him away from the "Spatial Computing" future that's been promised to us?

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0:00 It's been hard to avoid this...
0:35 Solo Knit Band and face cushion
1:21 Putting it on for the first time
2:20 What else is in the box?
5:38 Booting it up
7:14 Sponsor - dbrand
8:19 Setting up a Persona
9:16 Making a FaceTime call
10:19 MacBook Virtual Display and Spatial Videos/Photos
12:56 Checking out VR environments and spatial audio
14:19 Final thoughts, trying to see eyesight
14:57 Outro

All Comments (21)
  • @Brian-bd5vb
    Oh God, we haven't caught up to shaved Linus yet... dredding that day.
  • Things i learned from this video: - A person can hate a company, and still like its products - Linus likes his blacks realy deep.
  • @TechPlasma
    How could Dbrand resist not selling googly eyes to stick to the front of the display?!
  • @Likeomgitznich
    The persona is Luke’s face shape with Linus’ face 😂
  • His red face when coming out of the headset was priceless lol, it looked like it marred him
  • @AndyFinkua
    But… where’s the Crab Rave in a beach environment test? 🦀🦀🦀
  • @sturdybutter
    The VR version of Linus looks like the love child of Linus and Mr. Beast
  • @metallurgico
    That persona is now the main character of my nightmares
  • @greylawson6352
    Didn’t realize the video encoding included the spatial audio till I saw Linus watching an HDR video with my Airpods Pro in
  • @TechDunk
    Love that Linus seems genuinely interested and has seen the ifixit teardown etc as well
  • @AlKohaiMusic
    I know its only touched on here foviated rendering is insanely cool. A great way to have a perceivably higher fidelity graphical result by leveraging the excess compute to track your eyes. Tried my friends psvr 2 and baffled by the screen recordings versus the in headset experience
  • @user-dl1sq6xk7j
    I can't get over the idea of being encapsulated in the isolation of the moon, and just hearing Linus' voice off in the distance
  • @mactep1
    i think virtual hands would work much better when fully immersed.
  • @InternetEntity
    Apple makes Linus look like a blurry Daniel Radcliffe.
  • @DomMcD
    I've been waiting for this. I'm curious to see the full review from the perspective of someone not fully immersed in the Apple ecosystem.
    Excited to see your full review for the Vision Pro! The specs seem top-notch and the build quality is pure Apple. Curious about your opinion on Mac vs PC after full immersion.
  • @JamesR624
    Oooh, one of the things I've been liking about the Vision Pro reviews and unboxngs is we get to see more behind the scenes of many channels, like seeing exactly what Linus sees on this set. Yes I know there've been other videos that do that too those were all kinda meh cameras on handheld devices. This is the first REALLY clear view of the setup AS Linus sees it.
  • @phen3x
    Is it just me, or does Linus's persona look like a Roman emperor?? 🤣