Lil Kim, Junior M.A.F.I.A. & More Shut Down The Stage With Classic Hits! | Hip Hop Awards ‘19

Published 2019-10-08

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  • @RedboneBonered
    Teyana and her husband they was waiting for Kim to hit that move lol
  • @Camiel08Erin11
    My daughter did lil Kim’s “signature dance” during her kindergarten graduation and I was mortified 😂😂😂. My sister taught it to her and now she can longer watch my kids unsupervised
  • @Oginaka
    Kim was dodging bullets doing that Quiet Storm dance LMAOOO
  • @isaiahjnr8356
    My generation will never understand how lyrically monster Lil Kim was... She used to murder male rappers in songs.... I love you Queen B 👑
  • Mary J. got honored this year. Missy got honored this year. Kim got honored this year. This has been a great year!! Well deserved queens! ✊🏾
  • @bbyjigga
    Teyana & Iman were definitely waiting for her to hit that dance move 😂
  • i waited hours to meet lil kim at a NOTORIOUS K.I.M. signing and she was super sweet and genuine. I asked for a hug and she said of course as she reached out for a hug. She saw me in that moment.
  • @christian1104
    I love Kim because lyrically she’s a monster.. obviously... and really she just seems like a genuine person.. like she seems like if you met her you couldn’t not like her.. behind the Hollywood persona she seems like just a loving soul I fucks with her ❤️
  • @missk377
    Teyana and Iman are moods throughout this whole show 😂
  • Teyana Taylor and her husband came to life when Kim did her drop
  • @ckinhimdaily
    Every now and then Kim gotta remind people who the ORIGINAL and REAL Queen Bee is!!!
  • @thanos3515
    6 year old me: put your lighters up 🔥 My mom: put that motherfucking lighter down unless you want a beating 😴
  • @King-sx8fv
    I wish all her collaborators would have showed up for her like she always does for them
  • @fpfpor123
    I’ve never seen a female rapper without a mic and just a headpiece She’s just amazing and so real True queen And super cute lol 🎶👏🏾
  • She’s in her 40s of course she’s going to be out of breath. But her hearts still in it. & she does it live, natural and effortlessly!
  • @markus8696
    The crowd got wild when she did her signature dance during her “Quiet Storm” performance