Parents Forum on Online Distance Learning

Published 2020-06-06
This is our attempt to address some of the concerns and questions of parents about online distance learning.

The parents are integral part of the success the shift to online distance learning not as. replacement to the teacher but rather as a partner. A collaborator to guide the students in learning on his own.

It's not the role of the parent to teach the content. The parent's role is to help teach good study skills. Parents don't have to know the content, but they have to support the child so that the child can learn the content on his/her own.
(also schedule physical exercise for your kids)

If you have questions or suggestions please send us a comment.

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  • Thank you for this! Good job =)

    I think its also good that you make a channel wer parents can have that channel to their teachers... Sana noh we can have that... will Kaagapay be of that sort? Pra un concern ng parents about topics and lessons ma address...

    Like me im blessed I have friends like you guys wer u can help me wd the topics...

    D pa ako tapos manood hehe... Will continue later... Sinend ko lng toh..bka mwala un thought ko hehe...baka nasagot pala.. Haha

    How about some parents that are not as good as of the others... Like parents from public school which most of them didn't really finish school... Un iba no read no write... How can we address this issue?
  • @IvyMarieChannel
    iba pa rin yung face to face but d kasi pwede so ang mga parents din ang mahihirapan kasi di lahat ng parents nakapag-aral. katulad sa area namin sabihin ng parents na paano nila tuturuan anak nila na sila mismo di marunong
  • @jaylopez997
    sakit sa tenga ang boses mapaspeaker at earphone .masyadong malapit ang mic.