Liminal Gallery

Published 2023-08-29

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  • @RiginJustino
    Holy shit can we appreciate Lixian and nerdfiction's editing at 10:43? Man 3D motion tracked Mark's face and composited a blood splatter on it for a short joke lmao
  • @user-2012July-A
    I love when Mark genuinely enjoys a game. The look on his face as the game continues to amaze him. I loved that ten years ago, and I love it now.
  • @YinithynGaming
    Mark noticing the pattern with paintings at 11:16 and then seeing the third one and just being like, ''I dont really wanna anymore" is so funny.
  • @Yanobam
    10:30 yet another moment of Lixian and Markiplier being the best editor & YouTuber duo
  • 27:50 onwards, having an anxiety attack over Mark not just taking a picture of the upside down gazebo and the rotating it, but instead he builds a column spiral staircase 😂 the man still got it done 💯
  • @ignaciodiaz919
    Mark getting scared, realizing he overreacted, admiting it and questioning his life choices is what makes him one of the greatest creator in the platform
  • As a person who loves mark’s superliminal play through, I already was incredibly exited when I even saw the thumbnail.
  • @crustttttt
    The creator of the game should make a compilation on how the players solved every level 😂 It would be fun to see each people's creativity.
  • I love how Mark created an elaborate path to the gazebo instead of looking up taking a picture and then looking down placing the picture
  • @KittyCatAddict
    I love seeing Mark genuinely enjoying the game he’s playing.
  • @danifitz3839
    I have to acknowledge that Lixian's editing with the blood on Mark's face was IMPECCABLE
  • @brecklin.g6351
    Props to Lixian he’s just a 10 out of 10 editor that never fails to make me laugh with his side sketches.
  • @eldelcelica
    I don’t think enough people are talking about the setup at 11:40. It was so beautifully done, it created tension which many games fail to create nowadays. When watching someone else play a scary game, you fail to feel the fear with them, but this one genuinely creeped me out.
  • @sergeantspam51
    would love to see more liminal space stuff. It somehow just really fits mark's style.
  • @TXKRG
    im really glad i had childhood of markiplier and seeing him recently again really gives me hope on social media not being all that bad💀 nah but in all seriousness i love liminal spaces and pink mustache man so seeing that together is super dope. also dude Lixian deserves so much more credit than given cuz this editing is always phenomenal! 🙏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  • watching mark enjoying the game especially when he enjoyed breaking the game instead of cursing himself because of it?
    is absolutely precious to me :)
  • @maurtue
    Mark: I got blood in my eyes!
    Lixian: he's used to it..
    * flashback to marks recent hospital visit *
  • @tammyhicks1450
    This is one of the best videos I have seen in a long long time.I really wish the banana had skittered as well!Loved the Lixian spider kill/blood eye!All of this was wonderful and awesome and mind bending!