Rod Wave - Got It Right (Official Video)

Published 2022-11-18

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  • When he said "Just to be standing, fell so many times.... Finally figured it out, finally got it right"🥺

    I definitely felt this in my soul!
  • Rkidj9
    Rodwave my brother your music solves everything mate hits you hard g SHIVERS 🏆🏆🏆🤘🏻🙏
  • Lit kid Kiya
    Rod wave is such a good man and he makes incredible music ima see u tmr at the concert love you ❤
  • I really love this song and the rest of his music, but I ain't gon lie every time I listen to any of his songs as of late I caught up in my feelings. Lost my son's father this year and things never gon be the same. He loved music so much!! (So do I.) Everytime I hear something I know would've caught his ear the water works just come on. LLBoot!!! #This shit ain't even fair!!!
  • DMI Bros
    Wish I could pour my heart out on a song like this 🫡💔
  • Ezequiel Jose
    Man back when I was going through a hard time rod waves music really helped me get through it ❤. Thankyou bro. One of my favorite artists
  • Rell McDuffie
    Got it Right fashoo from Memphis im 25 I been putting my all in this music it’s my time y’all stay tuned!!… Appreciate the Motivation @RodWave #NoCapp
  • liz liz
    This fills my soul all his songs do idk how people can hate this man he’s a soul healer & wholesome.
  • Ny Williams
    " I know my dreams coming cause I'm willing and I'm ready"👊🏽
  • Rod Wave go in soo hard on this right here, straight up BANGER! He aint like all them other artists out there who just be usin that IGROCKET dawwwwt cawwwwm jawwwwn to get they followers up on the GRAM like all them other artists be doin these days..
  • Rod wave doesn’t even have to try in his songs bc there always good and can get u in ur feels easily 🙏🏽
  • Swavy
    “Finally Got It Rightttttttt” 🔥
  • DonDon
    He ain’t even dropped this yet but everyone know he don’t disappoints us🔥💯
  • cewr mus
    Can’t stop playing this song this is my first time hearing it …. I love all the voices in the background this mans vibe and energy is just precious