Mighty Hasbulla

Published 2021-11-14

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  •  ShortHax
    Hasbulla may be a millionaire now. But he will always struggle to put food on the table
  • He's strength isn't about his size or strength or age.... it's about how much pride there is.
  • Potato
    This is definitely what I imagine Hasbulla's inner voice sounds like, especially after I learned he's at least in his early 20s
  • Nick Kaye
    “But what of my warriors spirit? What of my proud Dagestani Lineage? Is that what a man does? Dishonors his people by throwing a fight for cheap glory? No! Those are the actions of a child! And I am no child!”

    Motivation at its finest
  • Honestly I would love for khabib to end up as someone's wrestling coach for another fighter. Absolute unit of a man
  • AP AMVs
    Love Hasbulla's inner voice 😊
  • The Black Spot
    Doesn't matter how shit I'm feeling, A Flashgitz upload makes my day better 😂😂
  • Phenominal13
    Was fully expecting Connor to show up to spank him with a belt
  • CJ Larson
    One of the greatest, if not the single greatest thing I have ever seen.
    The honor this man brought his country will echo in eternity
  • Mocos
    Damn bro, mans talking about having a warrior spirit while the USSR anthem playing made me proud to be Russian… and I’m 100% Mexican
  • Kaoru Sugimura
    "We'll fix the next fight!"

    *Proceeds to throw a pitbull at him*

    I see you chose the faceless child for this one FlashGitz. Classy.
  • House Based
    So glad Flashgitz is accurately depicting pop cultural phenomenons so I can show my grand children exactly what life was like during our time
  • Wolfgang L
    Gives a whole new meaning to "choking your chicken."
  • Milk tea
    I would actually pay good money to watch this fight
  • Keith Kennedy
    That’s an accurate representation of Hasbulla’s internal monologue.
  • BrianWinters
    If someone gets thrown out of a Ren fair, and one of the guards doesn’t say “stop, you’ve violated the law”, it’s just not worth it
    love how they put tamaev in there to make the storyline more accurate