The Obrez, Mosin Nagant Pistol that is the most cursed of all guns

Published 2022-07-03
The Obrez is without a doubt one of the worst weapons I have ever handled. It's a Mosin Nagant made into a pistol and was done as a necessity in a time and place where pistols were scarce but a concealable weapon was needed. The results was the most cursed of all guns to have ever been made. Today we review the Obrez.

00:00 The Obrez, the most cursed of all guns
3:03 Big thank you to the SDI!
4:07 Differences between Obrez and Mosin Nagant
6:48 Obrez bullet experiment
10:40 Obrez ballistic gel
12:10 Obrez cursed weapon review

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All Comments (21)
  • Joel Creates
    "Suspect is armed with a personal statement on rugged minimalism"
  • Blu Lumen
    I love how the “regular” Mosin has a nice clean sound when fired but the Obrez makes the sound become bass boosted.
  • Hat Man
    Considering how both the "Completely Ordinary" Mosin, and the Obrez look, I'm realizing that pretty much all sci fi guns like those in Star Wars are little more than extremely cursed regular guns.
  • Pipboy Approved
    Actually, considering the unstability of this "pistol´s" round, it makes it even more dangerous. It´ll tumble heavily upon impact and would make a lot more damage than just piercing 7.62x54 mm bullet. So from close range this thing would chop down any man. And even when hitting an arm or leg, it´d be "game over" in first shot.
  • Bryan Miller
    The Obrez isn't cursed, it's just way ahead of it's time... It belongs in the apocalypse.
    They should make a bunch of those if they ever do another Mad Max movie.
  • PackthatcameBack
    You know, looking at the recoil in slow-motion it just occurred to me that fitting that thing with an ergonomic revolver grip would probably make all the difference in the world.
  • AMR1836
    The only firearm the federal government is comfortable with the people owning
  • Saga Vasa
    Obrez was cut with a bit longer barrel approximately 4-7 inches. They didn’t cut it that short. They also used to leave wood of foregrip almost to the end of the barrel. Obrez was popular with bandits mostly as it was easier to conceal and easier to shoot while riding horses.
  • Ilean Farheight
    Loved the jump cut while “praising” the AFT. Love those guys and their infinite wisdom!
  • DANser
    Obrez literally means "cut", this word is usually used to describe shotgun/rifle with a cut barrel (shorter than the original for close combat I assume). Usually in movies they just take a regular rifle or double barreled one and cut it by hand and go kill zombies, but this think looks like a Star Wars blaster.
  • VinylTNT
    Fun fact: During the Russian revolution during WW1, most rebels needed to conceal rifles from the Russian army but were unable due to their size. Although pistols could be easily concealed, there were often difficult to come by. In order to combat this, the Obrez “pistol” was made with a sawed off barrel and a pistol grip so the weapon could more easily be concealed. This weapon was never really used beyond trench raiding and revolutions due to its ineffective range from its shortened barrel length.
  • Thurnis Haley
    I've waited a decade to see someone shoot an Obrez, and I was both disappointed and impressed at the same time. I was expecting a wrist breaker but it seems incredibly manageable, if not fun
  • Brandon Herrera
    Glad it got to you safely! Enjoy, and congrats on 2 Million 😘
  • Slav God
    Fun fact: Similar modifications were done to SMLEs and Gewehr 98s for tunnel warfare during WW1
  • D3faulted 1
    The next experiment should be to see what length barrel would be necessary to stabilize that projectile.
  • "A shortened Mosin Nagant intended for use by revolutionaries and insurgents. Inaccurate, but instantly kills with headshots."
  • Michael Davis
    This makes me wonder what would happen if there was about two full inches of rifling, and the propellant was switched out to something with a faster burn rate. More stability, higher kinetic energy, definitely more recoil...
  • Americans sometimes do strange things. The sawed-off shotgun was the weapon of bandits who had to hide it under their clothes. It was made simply, the buttstock was sawn off and the barrel was sawn off, and the fore-end was almost entirely left. The barrel was three times longer than in the video. The whole gun was about 17-18 inches.
  • Not The Soap
    "Let's see how a bullet looks fired through a regular Mosin." Proceeds to pull out a scoped meth lab.
  • V
    Man I remember this thing from Battlefield 1, I think that game introduced me to a lot of new cool guns made in those days.