Our Planet: Our Business.

Published 2019-06-27
The global business community can be a powerful force to drive action for nature - find out why we are confident that change is possible. Our Planet: Our Business, a new film for business inspired by the Netflix series Our Planet, is available to watch now.

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  • Dirkrol
    We need education. If people know what is really happening we can all make a change. We need to show everyone what our planet is like, how delicate it is and how can we start having this "cyclical" life. Most of the people that are unaware of this in our planet are people in low income sectors, were most probably there is no education focused in the environment. There are people who can buy a big piece of steak and other who just can imagine it! Ones who eat meat daily and others who use energy for unimportant uses. We have to send this message to everyone!! Wether it is in in English, en español, på svenska and every other language. Is science, people are afraid of it because there is no enough information available for everyone. Even if some world leaders are doing something not everyone does, share the word. Please.
    What can I do? Talk to people who are close to me, tell them what is going on, what are we loosing, what can we do... And what will happen if we don't. It is not that hard to start a revolution from your bed.
  • Tennyson Taggart
    Everything is interconnected in every way, every action you take helps. If you change yourself it will ripple out and help change the planet. Meditate, take small steps to transition from who you are to who you want to be and forgive yourself for what you were. Be compassionate towards everything within and around you. Our ability to advance technology has outstripped our level of collective consciousness. We must evolve our consciousness or we will find another way to destroy ourselves, even if we don't do it through environmental destruction. Love you all.
  • Pedro Pinto
    Amazing documentary! Thank you so much. I'm doing a lot of effort for a healthier and more conscious life and trying to convince friends and colleagues along the way but it ain't easy at all and sometimes people make me feel like I'm an outsider or a super alternative person for thinking about the animals and our planet. I won't give up, though.
  • Karen Marks
    This film points to where I want my thoughts, my actions and my investment monies to go in the coming years. Many thanks to the producers and distributors. May your work continue to inspire us as a global collective to action.
  • Lillichava
    Beautiful documentary! I love that it's illed with undeniable and frightening facts about what we've done, but also with a message of hope! We can change things around! When there's a will, there's a way!
  • I am inspired to play my part in making a sustainable change on our planet! <3 I hope we can all work together to truly see the result this planet (and all the life on it) deserve
  • Carter Bryll
    I totally agree with this. And it breaks my heart that we are such a destructive species. But even being a species of destruction we have the power and intelligence to change the world and achieve the impossible. Don’t just put these videos on YouTube. We need to open everyone’s eyes. Let’s show these videos to the world because the world and the continuation of our species depend on making our world stable once again... we will get there. humans can do the impossible.
  • Nikki
    I am studying business in order to manage environmental sustainability within corporations. Thank you for the principles and the affirmation that this is a useful path. Please keep spreading this information.
  • Amandeep
    "Waste is just a resource in the wrong Place"- This literally changed my perspective of waste.
  • This is a serious problem that we must not take for granted. As I was watching this video, I felt the pain that our Earth and animals are feeling. As tears run down my face because reality has smack me in the face. If we don't take this seriously, our children's children won't have a chance.
    Forget war on each others and unite to save our beautiful animals and planet...
  • Asara W
    This documentary was absolutely magnificent, no other way to say it.
  • Danielle D
    I'm happy to see a positive take and business leaders who see the absolute value of protecting the planet
  • Akhilesh Kumar
    This is brilliant editing to compress 8 hours of "Our Planet" to 30 minutes. Makes the message more potent, more direct.
  • Karine L
    I've shared this with some family members and friends. I'm hoping this message will strike a chord in their souls to take action NOW.
  • Helen Bennett
    Great, concise and transformational. Thank you for making and sharing what is common knowledge among environmentalists for everyone in an accessable format. Brilliant use of your profile, resources and platform.
    Thank you
  • Paul Pablo
    I've realized how crucial the content of this video is, not only for us but for the future generation! I chanced upon this while searching for materials for my Zero Waste series in the "9 Lives Kitchen" channel. I believe we should work together and create an impact thru educational awareness, before it's too late! 😪
  • This video is so fascinating and satisfying to watch the message the series held was awesome this feels so beautiful to watch hopefully not just some places but every place in this entire planet looks this beautiful and fascinating to see we all know how much important plants and animals are for our ecosystem rather than wasting it value it so that you will see a beautiful earth forever
  • Blanca Weaver
    “This is a story that everyone needs to know”. Let’s share this and make it happen!
  • Marie Kate
    More people should see this. THIS is something improtant and THIS should go viral!
  • Jamilla _
    "Waste is just a resource in the wrong place". What a great quote. We must build a cyclical economy and stop our pursuit of pointless growth. I can't wait to play my part in the built environment once I graduate:)