Noam Chomsky - Foundations of World Order: the UN, World Bank, IMF & Decl. Human Rights 1999

Published 2018-12-06

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  • General Esdeath
    Damn near 30 years later and this couldn't sum up the problem with America any clearer. This should be required watching for all our children so that they can understand what they need to resist, who they need to take our country back from, and the state of affairs today I think succinctly shows why it needs to be done.
  • Henna van Opstal
    It's 2022 now and still very important
    Thank you Noam ❤🦋💪🌟
  • ahmed darwiish
    I like when someone is talking slowly with a lot of thinking between words, he is actually thinking of a lot of things right now and have much more to say.
    He is trying to collect strings and tell a good story based on all information he have, and every sentence has it's own weight.
    This is probably why people like Naom don't get a lot on tv, tv is made for fools who will start immediately saying diplomatic bullshit and repeated nonsense and they have the capability of talking for hours and days without adding any new information.
  • andy handyman
    After 20 something years the words of Chomsky start screaming through nowadays reality.
  • Chirag Patel
    The older I get, the more I understand the power of ideas.
  • I am an admirer and follower of Noam for over 30 years. He is a critical and an independent thinker. Thank you, sir
  • Alice deWise
    If one can be in love with someone else"s wisdom, dan I am with the one of Prof. Chomsky!!! 👍🍀🌎👍💙
  • Thomas Bryant
    If Chomsky is good for anything lasting in America I can think of one thing for sure. He can make one forget all about football at least for a little while. We could use more of that just for a start. I lived through the Viet Nam war as a young teenager and missed being drafted in the 2nd lottery held in 1970, the year I was eligible. Yesterday 3/5/22 I watched the debate on YT on Firing Line between Chomsky and Wm F. Buckley from 1969. I listened intently. I learned more about that war and its background watching that show than I ever knew. In that show, Chomsky demonstrated his incredible knowledge and his amazing humanity. Pointing out that the "elites" who dismantled the three bases of the post WW11 system of world order, The International Declaration of Human Rights, The United Nations charter, and Bretton Woods it is clear to anyone living that those principles are still "distasteful" to the elites of today. Of course, Bretton Woods essentially ended when Nixon decoupled the U.S. dollar from gold in 1971. The economic collapse in 2008 was a culmination of western financial practices and nothing has been done to correct it. The recent firing and defamation of the young man in New York by Amazon for trying to organize workers against horrific working conditions is a recent indicator of elite attitudes towards labor and human rights definitely. The fact that the young man took brave steps toward making things better for Amazon workers shows that people have not given up the principles that Chomsky believes in and talks about in this 1999 lecture. That is a great thing.
  • brian nickel
    You can take a lot of different thoughts from this lecture and it explains the last 22 years.....One thing seems to never change, it's all about the 1%
  • DeezyDeuce
    For me, Noam Chomsky and Derek Prince are the two Masters of Lecture. Great piece.
  • Raihan Zahir
    I fear that the world is just short of a few more guardians like you! I wish the world leaders collectively had 1% of your wisdom and humanity! Love and respect for you sir!
  • Mario Serpico
    Chomsky is so good at perceiving the bigger picture, use language to describe a fairly detailed three-dimensional understanding of it, and connect big and small pieces together in a cohesive way. He is not perfect, but he has been doing a great job!
    Could this be one of the reasons why he is such an exceptional scholar (imo) who dares speak the truth and stand for humanity while not being harassed and tortured for it?
    We see what happens to so many others who do.
    We need another Chomsky in the world and we need him now!
  • Being the age of 71 myself, I am amazed by the ongoing survival of this come the powers that be have allowed, and continue to allow, him to speak, to be???? Can it actually be because he is known and deeply appreciated by so many people all over the world...? If so, he is truly a singular, maybe unique, beacon of hope for humanity's survival on this planet. Or is it simply because they know that very few people take any notice of what he says...?
  • This is Called HOPE when Standing in the Heart of United States Sir Noam uncover the real face of Capitalism. History will memorize him as the True Philosopher who had a follower like Dr. Abul Barkat of Bangladesh.
  • Everything going back to 40 or 50 years ago everything Noam writes or says is gold. He’s an extraordinary human being that we are blessed to still have with us and willing to continue dropping knowledge. One of my heroes. 💜✊🏼
  • Andres Pages
    Unlike a politician or diplomat, Chomsky does not sanitize his words to convince you. He says it the way he sees it... it's up to the audience to agree with his logic or not. He is not selling anything, he is simply sharing what he knows... we know his depth by simply by following his logic. Thank you Chomsky.