Jung Kook from BTS performs 'Dreamers' at FIFA World Cup opening ceremony

Published 2022-11-20

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  • @YouTube
    a performance to remember 💜
  • @englishisfun5778
    Let's be honest Jungkook's live vocal has made Fifa World Cup opening ceremony to another level.
  • @reponshamim549
    Jungkook doesn't need autotune.... His live vocal is even better than anything... Loved this performance
  • I am not a bts or any kpop group fan but i really liked this performance I don't know why people hate them like they have talent and have worked hard to achieve this
  • @kainathassan8388
    I don't know why people hate them, they are so humble, talented, down to earth, caring and they respect everyone also they deserve all the success because of their struggle and hardships they've went through
  • @Taiga-Kagami
    Best performer ! Your stage presence is awesome Jungkook !!
  • @obre01yt
    No soy Army, ni conozco mucho de BTS pero reconozco que fue una increíble presentación!! Se nota el talento y transmite una buena vibra, la emoción del mundial es una cosa increíble
  • @Kimnamjoon-kl8tc
    He is such an amazing performer. He carried the song without auto tune and even with such a grace❤
  • @user-ih5fp6lg6z
    He is such amazing performer. He carried the song whithout auto tune and even with such a grace
  • Still I listen, it's a beautiful and amazing song. jung kouk super singer. His voice gives new hope for the future. Thank you BTS for this lovely song. LOVE YOU FIFA AND QATAR 💗💗💗
  • @sristi9127
    This was one of the proudest thing for us in 2022..in future everytime we mention the world cup of 2022, we will think of how amazingly Jungkook performed in this opening ceremony, really a historic moment. A 15 year old boy who started off with so many dreams, achieved so much over 10 years and even shined such a global stage, we are always so proud of you Jungkook 💜
  • Minhas filhas amam o BTS mas essa performance foi especial e a música é contagiante. Desejo sucesso ao BTS
  • @user-mt9xw3nk1d
    He made me cry. He impressed the people doubly. Actually, even though I am also from Korea, I cry when I hear his voice. He clearly has natural singing skills
  • I will never stop watching this beautiful performance!! You are our forever singer, dearest Jungkook!!
  • One of my absolute favorite performances by our lovely Jungkookie
  • I'm not a fan of anyone in bts, but this spectacle was so impressive, if the world has blessed them with such a fanbase, they must have so much talent.