Dave Chappelle Crowd Work

Published 2024-04-18
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  • @TiagoNuremberg
    This guy could talk about anything and we d be here listening. Some people just have this magical charisma.
  • @OGTennyson
    How do people not find this man funny. I can watch this shit for hours😂😂
  • @WadePocksply
    Dave's timing of his delivery is something of perfection. Always.
  • @cbailz11
    The fact that we watch his stand up over and over and still laugh as if its the first time seeing it. Amazing
  • @Bendrix27
    "Girl, you better hope R Kelly doesn't see you, he'll piss on you by accident." 😂
  • I've played a few shows with Dave and he might still recognize me, which is awesome. Saying that to say, when he'd be hanging out in the green room, which was usually like 25-40 people partying in various little groups as parties will be... when he starts talking everyone just stops and listens. Not like a pin drop type uncomfortable to walk in and out type thing, but seriously everyone just kind of leans in to check the stories which are much like the ones on stage. Never seen anything like it.
  • The best comedian for so many reasons, his brutal honesty about social issues reminds me of Carlin, Rock, Patrice O’Neal, Louis C.K., but Dave is the best.
  • Dave Chappell is the funniest comedian of all time. The GOAT 🐐 ❤😂
  • The dude who ask for a story about Charlie Murphy you are so much more appreciated than you know. RIP to one of the legends Charlie Murphy.
  • @Dejhadior
    An intellectual comic genius. The substance is nearly unmatched, narrowly tailored for awareness and unity with a sprinkle of accountability. Definitely one of the greats. (Richard Pryor, Katt Williams, Bernie Mac. etc)❤
  • @USATheFallen
    Everytime i opened a show for Dave he was a great guy.
  • Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass is lifechanging. Should be mandatory reading.
  • That young man was inspired to become a comedian. Not that it’s going to be easy. But I think that it comes naturally.