HOW IT ALL BEGAN!! | BTS FIRST REACTION (LIVE!) - No More Dream, Silver Spoon, We Are Bulletproof 2

Published 2021-12-06
The best breakdown channel on Youtube reacts to BTS LIVE FOR THE FIRST TIME!! No More Dream, Silver Spoon, We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2 & More!! Stream starts at 12:15 PM EST

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The music video 'I Worry About Myself' in the intro:    • I Worry About Myself | Knox Hill (Off...  

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All Comments (21)
  • @thylionheart
    I love how Suga has a running lyrical motif of, “big house, big cars, big rings.” It’s in No More Dream, Interlude: Shadow, HOME, and What Do You Think by Agust D. There’s enough distance between each song for it to make you smile when you notice it
  • Man you don’t even realise how much we appreciate you Knox! Even something like watching that explanation! It’s not because you can’t dissect the song but like you saw, there are so many doubles and wordplay that folk won’t see or even think BTS can do. Thank you for being their supporter too. Far as I’m concerned you’re one of us! Hope you carry on this journey, especially the BU 💜
  • Many people find their humble beginnings with this kind of style cringe but I really love it. Cocky pretentious "experts" who think that you are born ready and super polished / mature as a musician are missing the point and purpose of music and artistry behind it.
    When I watch BTS old music video, I get elevated and thrilled. I love their hunger, their crazy level of passion, their unapologetic drive and delivery and a fetus rapper Kook, barely 15 here slaps with his confidence and skills something incredibly. All gems I have been enjoying and will continue doing so:-)
  • @cata7728
    Even without cultural or language reference, your breakdowns are on a different level than others I've seen. I'm happy that you are starting the BTS journey from the beginning - the best way to really appreciate the intricacy of their work and development. When BTS introduces themselves in Korean, they'll start off with "Bang Tan...." which is means bulletproof with the hand gesture at the end of MV (and the bow). In Bulletproof II, the reference to being "kings" - coincides with their first featured variety show "Rookie King." The "n-po generation" mentioned in Baepsae is also in the lyrics of Dope. The reference to the "spoon" class was also in Mic Drop's first line. Therefore, N.O., We On and Attack on Bangtan would be next on discography (their second mini album, also featuring Cypher).

    When you said "language is cool" during Baepsae, it warmed up my heart. I come from a family of writers and linguists of several languages - so I grew up appreciating wordplay and locution. The Korean language is phonetically based (transitioned from the written Chinese), hence homonyms are very common. RM is definitely a master at that and knowing English actually helps by expanding his verbal arsenal.

    When you said "I'm learning to curse in Korean," your facial expression was priceless.....

    PS - the instrument you were asking about is Piri (traditional pipe).... which is also mentioned in their later song, Pied Pier...
  • ARMY let’s pull up! Knox has a new album and now a new mv, Checkmate. Music is amazing, the flows and the lyrics are 🔥 And you know we love our lyrics! So let’s support, like, stream and buy if you can. He’s always on the grind and we love his BTS reactions, so it’s our turn to show the love 💜 Knox if you see this, great job man, you’re one of a kind!
  • Social commentary BTS is my favorite thing. They are clever with talking about these issues and great reaction as always!
  • Rapper Jungkook is immaculate! There’s a performance video of ddaeng that the vocalists did Instead of the rappers, I think you’d enjoy that

    Btw next video for the BU is Epilouge: Young Forever
  • V really does kill that part in Baepsae. His part is my favorite part of the song. It just fits him and he makes it perfect
  • @lizzieh3545
    I will literally never stop laughing at that reverb intro Knox. NEVER 😂
  • @colettemr
    28:45 You bringing that to life about them being a relief pitcher... THATS WHAT THEY WERE. The only reason they got to finally showcase was as a BACKUP for someone else who did not show up. WOW.. I never caught that line before. This is why BTS's replay value is so high. I can watch their videos all day and not be bored.
  • Yo Knox you’re a stand up guy! Hope you know that any suggestions for lyrics and stuff is just so you can see the best translation because they really have so many clever lyrics! Excited to continue with you my man! ARMY let’s help chart Blacklist! My guy deserves all the success 🙌
  • "No More Dream" came out in June 2013 and Jungkook, the youngest, was born September 1997 so that would make him 15 by American standards and Jin, the oldest, who was born December 1992, would have been 20 yrs old. Korea uses age reckoning which is the belief that a baby's age starts from the moment of conception. Since the length of a pregnancy can vary babies are considered to be one year old at the time of birth and regardless of when they are born (what month) every person's Korean age goes up a year on January 1st. So, by Korean standards Jungkook was 17 and Jin was 22. I am American and this is my best understanding of how it works...if I am mistaken I apologize.
  • @dorylis56
    Thank you Knox, you are making me very happy with one BTS reaction a week. I'm glad you got to see the debuts. They are so passionate, they are always all in. It's inspiring. You should see them play variety games as if their lives depended on it. (Their show Run BTS is for free on Vlive) EDIT : I can't chose a fave here, I love all 3, they are in my top 100 BTS songs! I love their more hip hop songs.
  • @thisisme9548
    Best BTS Reactions Knox !! You really get everyone major thing in the lyrics which most of us can't in the first watch. Really appreciate all your reactions!!
    Please react to BTS Vocal Line song - " The Truth Untold "
  • Had such an awesome time watching this live! I’ve never really liked a BTS reactor before but you’re so much more than that term. You’re a musician, a songwriter, a producer and just an all round intelligent and great guy! Can’t wait for your album and just really hope you’ll still with BTS because there’s genuinely so much to discover. Borahae dude 💜💜
  • The sneaky smile you got for finally learning Korean cuss words is golden. 😂🤟🏻
  • @imogen9067
    That was amazing Knox! I mean, you’ll always have people say stuff about BTS but hopefully you can see for yourself why they have so many loyal followers and you have the same mindset, so people will feel the same about you! Artists that are genuine and stand for something will always come out top 🙌🔥
  • Your videos, breakdowns, songs are always appreciated man! Not just BTS videos but all the others as well
    Hope you and your family stay safe as well :)
  • Honestly, seeing knox listen to the older songs, he gets to hear Jungkooks rapping ability