Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach: RUIN - Part 6

Published 2023-08-01

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  • @Dawko
    I think your Glamrock Bonnie theory is 100000x better than mine ❤❤
  • Markiplier acting as Montys' lawyer is incredible and then instantly taking the scapegoat route lmao
  • @arthrfleck
    Markiplier being both
    1. Off his meds
    2. Playing FNAF
    Really takes me back to the old Markiplier era. Love you, Mark!
  • @salt8688
    Mark: I don’t care about collectibles at all

    Also Mark: We’re going back to get absolutely EVERYTHING
  • The way Mark pretends to be egotistical and narcissistic with Dawko but is secretly just giving him recognition and credit for finding this out for us just fills me with joy. Mark being Mark
  • @llama_girl_101
    Markiplier: "MONTY IS A SAINT!!!!!!" 😠

    Also Mark: laughs continuously at Monty for "trying to be scary" and then electrocutes him 💀
  • @redtexan7053
    People not being able to discover the biggest, coolest secret in the game because of an obvious, overlooked bug is the most in character thing that Security Breach has ever done.
  • @QuinnRuiz
    Mark getting mad at Dawko and telling MatPat ‘can suck an egg’ is hilarious 😂
  • @TheMrMister
    Don’t know why Dawko and Mark don’t collab more often. They bounce off each other so well
  • @Lylithishere
    The fact Markiplier will keep repeating until everything is completed not only shows why hes king of FNAF but also why hes so highly regarded as a youtuber, I love his perserverance and it really makes watching him so much more enjoyable 🖤
  • @Snipekas
    7:47 the way Mark just suddenly realizes it while talking is pure gold
  • @pettri9916
    There’s a theory that it was the mimic that killed Bonnie, not Monty, because the gator’s aggression showed up well after Bonnie disappeared. There was also no real reason for Monty to be jealous, as he had an entire section for himself? Makes more sense for an aggressive mimic slinking in the shadows to have attacked Bonnie than a mellow (at the time of the disappearance) gator chilling playing golf. Not to mention, Monty received his claw upgrade after Bonnie was gone. He couldn’t have caused the damage to Bonnies chest plate.

    Just some food for thought
  • @lethe.archive
    i love how they made a legitimately cool easter egg but then forgot to make sure it worked properly lol. security breach is forever security breach.
  • @aegis9292
    Mark going insane in the post game of Ruin is a definitive Security Breach moment
  • @regiboi7709
    Legend says Markiplier is still trying to deactivate the children to this day.

    Edit: mom im famous
  • @synacky1911
    I remember not long ago when Mark went back to ultimate custom night and then reacted to Dawko beating all 20 mode and he was like "let's go baby !! We did it together !!". Definitly got the same vibes here 😂😂
  • @dramaminedream22
    The “don’t you care about Gregory. Why aren’t you trying harder?” when Mark pulls up the collectibles screen gives me heavy “You remember Timmy?” Your son?” vibes. 😂😂😂
  • @AltName7
    29:51 I love Mark talking about blood then reaching for his eyes. It's like when you're interrogating someone in Ace Attorney and they talk about the thing that hurt them relating to the crime, and they reach for their injury. Mark must've had a terrible time during the recent blood accident.
  • @Zonkz
    Sometimes I think that Mark should be hired to be a beta tester for FNAF games, he'd be so good at finding all the bugs.
  • @dannibunni2948
    8:20 Kills me when Mark surpasses one of the floor doodads and then continues to say, "I've got everything."
    Poor Mark 😂