The Fortnite STORYLINE Explained (2018-2021)

Published 2021-11-27
The Fortnite STORYLINE Explained (2018-2021)
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All Comments (21)
  • AJ Marraffa
    I really wish they'd give Fortnite a story catchup campaign mode, it'd be cool to experience this all myself in-game.
  • T-fan prods
    Can we take a moment to appreciate how hard these guys work to get us storyline info. It’s amazing props to these guys keep up the good work
  • lethalexponent 6
    I’m impressed how they can mix in their brand deals with the story so easily
  • SamPlayz
    wait a minute if galactus was taken back to his universe and if rly wants the zero point that means hes on his way back to the island
  • Meggy Sweets
    I love getting the full storyline!! Thank you! I’ve missed some of the events along the way so sometimes things seem random from season to season/chapter to chapter but this def makes Fortnite more interesting and gets me excited to keep playing!! I’m really enjoying Chapter 3 so far! 🤓🤩
  • Luke Zurek
    We all really appreciate your grind to gather all of this knowledge and put it together for us as well as all of the editing and stitching of clips!
  • koshkamatew
    Useful video to catch up with what I've missed since chapter 2 began and I didn't play that much, thanks!
  • Ive played this entire chapter and honestly didn’t realize any of this 😂😂 I always thought it was random but the lore is actually pretty interesting 😂
  • Gills
    Can we all appreciate how much time and effort they put into these videos!
  • Nessa ♡
    I always wondered what was the story behind all of this & never understood anything fully, but after watching this video I understand everything. Great job, explained it perfectly ✨
  • We found out at the end of chapter event that cube monsters die to water. But interestingly the cubes themselves don’t work that way. As seen in C1 S6 and in the Sky afire event, the cube is able to liquify itself and reassemble. When we flipped the island, the collective mass of the 6 cubes which spiralled their way to the island’s center are still there. This recurring relationship between the OI and inter dimensional interactions could men there may be more of this stuff to come. The last reality is still in their dimension.
  • D4rant
    It’s amazing how you clearly explain everything, I didn’t even know many things I’ve heard!!! Good job and good luck loopers!
  • Andre G
    This video was very amazing, informative, and eye opening. I vaguely remember seeing siblings and friends play this game so long ago and didn't understand much. I then didn't understand how and why they would just randomly add licensed franchises and random scenarios like aliens coming and the island being flooded, or being a dessert like place. But after watching this it makes more sense why each chapter and season is they way they are. Makes me appreciate the game in a different way more than a sandbox fighting game
  • Ridlay
    I may have issues with the game and not played it in a bit but honestly the story is quite interesting. And well done structuring this video, I appreciate the concise manner!
  • SJMashups
    Gotta love how this guy’s attraction to the spire made him get consumed by the artifact, getting the attention of the last reality and breaking the spire which lead to the IO blowing up their spaceship, leading to tons of cubes to fall onto the island along with their queen since one cube wasn’t enough as seen in C1 S6 creating the end of chapter 2. Thanks Raz……
  • DogePogeDoogie
    15:46 It all makes sense now. Far out from the island is space, which is the edge of the bubble. We now know that a bubble exists between both islands, as it can be seen in the leaked Chapter 3 trailer, where two islands are flipped apart from each other, with the zero point in the middle. This also explains why the island was able to flip, as there was room under and above the island. For anyone that was on the island when it flipped, everything would just seem normal, but the time would have changed in the sky, as the sun and moon revolve around the bubble. Day is night on one side, and night is day on the other. This is insane to know.
  • welpnigga
    Such a great story and lore! If tried, this could easily be a story game
  • Jason Lee
    I am one of the biggest fans of the storyline. I've watched all your videos multiple times and I think that it is awesome that Epic games has made the Fortnite story a page-turner and also an amazing game. The way that you put all your efforts to create such an exciting series of videos makes the videos even better. I hope you guys make more videos on this topic because I love them. If the Fortnite story line was ever made into a book you guys would be the narrators too this amazing book.
  • AgentGP
    the best edited video I have ever seen on youtube and about Fortnite in general. The storyline is so exciting and demented while the way you have shown the summary was fabulous. keep up the great work!