Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power Plant

Published 2022-01-17
This video shows the components of a Solar Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Utility Scale Power Plant that includes Solar Array, Mounting Systems, Wirings / Cablings, Skids / Pads, Inverters, Meters, SCADA Communications Panel, Met Stations as well as the Sub-Station.

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  • emily chang
    This video is super helpful covering fundamental knowledge of the PV plant. I'm super grateful learning from this video while working in the renewable industry. Thank you!
  • Great video. I have some question
    1) at 16:29 of the video, I see a small solar module (above the data logger) on the MET. What is it used for?
    2) Is there some other link or videos where I can get the P&ID for study of such a PV power plant?
    Thank you
  • Great video. Do you have references for the material presented here?
  • Thanks you very much very informative, I thought solar plant use battery to store energy, in this case its direct from panel to the inverter, did I get it right sir? Thank you
  • Shiva Shiva
    Very very good and knowledgeable video
  • Caveman
    There is a big substation around 6 km from my power plant base. Is this means that I don't need to build a local substation in my 10 mw power plant and can use that one instead?