30.2 Shotcrete on the bedroom section

Published 2017-05-01
This video covers the bedroom wing portion of the shotcrete. We actually did this all at the same time as the Quonset hut video. The total time was 5 days.

More details and a gallery of pictures can be found on our website, www.homeintheearth.com/2016/08/18/bedroom-shotcret…

Again, thanks to the shotcrete crew for all their hard work.

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  • JD97711
    I love running across people that are doing this type of construction. (P.S. I wouldn't want to lock horns with the guy operating that nozzle. He has got to be one strong head-knocker !) Thanks for the video. Please keep them coming.
  • Mark Grantom
    I have really enjoyed watching your videos. I really want to see the completed project. Keep up the good work.
  • Doug W
    Really enjoyed watching your video; you guys made it look easy but I'm sure it had it's "work" involved in it too.
  • Miss Judy
    Its getting so close!!! I bet you guys are getting excited about it being so close - this has been such a long journey!
  • Bob In Tampa
    Having built multiple shotcrete monolithic domes.. your applicators put it on too think and that's why it sloughed off when disturbed. The Monolithic Dome Institute recommended a initial thin coating layer and then repeat coats of no more than 1-1/2" to 2" a pass.
    Another technique used very effectively on very tall walls was.. we applied metal corner bead squished flat as a vertical stand off.. where the walls could be screed a certain thickness and easily finished. Worked like a charm!
  • Red Proton
    Love the time lapse and narration! Good job on the video, gave me lots of info without taking a lot of time. I really like the design and construction of your home. What made you decide on using shockcrete and a quonset hut (garage)? When is your next video coming out? Thanks!
  • destenylol
    Very interesting! Never saw someone build a house this way! Well done !
  • Breaking Toast
    hard work but these guys make it look easy good job
  • Ben Koren
    Very helpful video. What’s the thickness of your shell? From the footage it appears they’re barely embedding the rebar - 4in total?
  • telocity
    Thanks for detailed videos. They have convinced me not to go the shotcrete home route.
  • Ben Huttash
    Cool house. My dad and I are working on his ferrocement house. A dome house with a hole on the top of it built into a hill with retaining wall on the font side. His house will be earth sheltered all around it. I am behind on putting out videos on the project but we are getting lots of good work done. Anyhow I love your project here and it is cool seeing it in time lapse.
  • SSG BeoWulf
    Have considered a system where you could replace any part or all of your electrical and plumbing with out having to tear back into your walls or foundation?

    I bring this up cause I like maintenance friendly funtionality.
  • Abby Babby
    I just started doing a building like this for a tornado shelter, man, I am glad I found you.
  • It's really coming together! Are you still planning to use a horizontal apron of insulation to create a pocket of warm earth, for annual heat storage?
  • Emanuel Ferreira
    Sen-sa-ci-o-nal... Amei o projeto!!!.... Só "serviu" para "completar" tudo o que eu sempre tive em mente mas não sabia "como" executa-lo. Valeu!!!
  • Stephen Goyne
    What sort of budget are you guys on? How much for all the steel/shotcrete ?
  • Brian Scaplen
    How is it holding up over the years? Do you have any expansion/contraction issues?
  • Dan Lewis
    I noticed a lot of bouncing around at the start and I'm sure theres a method to the madness, but why? Was it to give the spots a chance to dry up? I've got a lot of experience in other trades but concrete is not one of them.
  • NotGuilty
    i have visited your website but i couldn't find some sort of final drawing of how the project supposed to look and was wondering out of curiosity how is it supposed to look .