The Nightmare before Halloween (HOT-TOPIC parody)

Published 2021-10-28

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  • Jozinek
    The fact that this is stop motion just shows how dedicated you guys are when it comes to making high quality memorable content.
  • Spaceinvader98
    This is literally shitting on 45% of the fanbase and it’s hilarious
  • John Velarde
    “Guns, religion, and love”

    You forgot excercise
  • Mk V2
    i love how the turkey is upside down and talking out of it’s ass.

    also the way the gun puked was fantastic 😂
  • Mr Woofoo
    "It's because they're powerful women who don't need a man
    Best line I've heard in a while
  • DieselD199
    The Nightmare Before Christmas is nearly 30 years old with a cult following and the first time someone makes a decent fan animation it's to make fun of chubby goth chicks. Bravo.
  • Woolie
    how you guys come up with half your stuff never ceases to amaze me
  • pkfire alarm
    "God hates New Orleans, Jack." As a Saints and Pelicans fan, this is true, we are cursed
  • Dylan Buchanan
    “So what ARE Hot Topic Whores Afraid of?”
    “Guns…religion…and love.”
    I laughed so hard my head is vibrating
  • Megan Mufonka
    When Jack said "this might take a while", I immediately paused and prayed that the reaction would be instantaneous. Thank fuck I was right
  •  ShortHax
    I can hear Disney writing out the cease and desist order as I watch
  • Last Primaris
    Hearing a gun say “for the kids” made me smile so wide
  • Rio
    You guys are literally the only ones to ever make me WANT to stick around for the raid shadow legends plug. Whatever they're paying you, it's not enough lol. Cuz I skip everyone else's ad plugs, but can't tear my eyes and ears away from yours.
  • Zarielin
    "What are they afraid of?"
    Me: sunlight, socializing, and exercise?
  • MusicaMan
    This was hilarious and so well made. I should’ve expected the Fourth of July character to be a rifle.
  • Chadzard
    As someone who loves the nightmare before Christmas and only shops at hot topic due to it being the only shop with decent clothes here, I love this to death.
  • SuperWiiBros08
    was expecting some take on stop motion with CGI and I'm so glad it was just that, freaking amazing work and sudden change of style from the 2d hand drawn animations