Robert Morris: Is it God's Voice or Your Thoughts? | TBN

Published 2021-07-22
On TBN's Frequency with Robert Morris, Pastor Robert teaches how to know if the voice you're hearing is from God.

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  • I was Muslim and converted to being a follower of our lLord Jesus Christ..I prayed to God one time with all my heart and asked him to show me if he’s real then Jesus came into my life. The holly spirit is guiding me and I will start preaching in God’s name one day to bring this gift of true love and happiness to less fortunate and lost souls.Amen ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏😇
  • Margaret Clark
    I heard God speak, he spoke to me audibly. Yes, I heard the voice of God speak to me. My husband had moved out of our home, I was devastated by this I spent all my days laying on my bedroom flooring praying for God to send him home. One Sunday morning while standing in church singing It Is Well With My Soul I was praying that same prayer with tears streaming down my face and I heard God speak to me. He called my name, it was if He were standing right beside me speaking directly into my right ear, I heard Him only in my right ear, He said “Margaret you are praying the wrong thing, he has to come back to me before he can come back to you”. I felt my entire countenance change immediately and it has never been the same. He completely changed my heart, I have never felt like I did before that moment since. My entire life has been changed, while my husband has not come back home my relationship with Christ is completely different, I am a new creation in Christ. My husband has not changed but our relationship has has changed, I pray for him to renew his relationship with God and I have become a much better person. I am still praying for him to come back to Christ, I believe someday he will.
  • Butch Senior
    Back a few years ago I sitting in my bathroom contemplating suicide .. drugs alcohol guns ropes.. I heard a voice saying “I still love you” I just knew it was Jesus … next morning I woke up and started praying to the Lord to help me with my depression and help me with joy.. I wasn’t “cured” over night but this was 3.5 yrs ago.. I feel everyday myself getting closer to God I have so much joy in my life, I’m not scared to die, I find things in life that used to give me anxiety that are now flat out irrelevant.. JESUS IS LORD Hallelujah! Repent and spread the good news ! God bless!
    Whatever type of investment you decide to get into, I think the key message here or for me rather is to start investing no matter how small. When you invest, you're buying a day that you don't have to work.. I pray everyone reading this become successful
  • B-me C-HIM
    The more you know His Word, the more you know how He speaks..
  • Since the age of 6, I had a hunger for God. Through much family neglect, abuse and dysfunction, I always had faith and knew Jesus was with me. Now, in my 60's, I have seen and had thoughts come into my mind suddenly that proved a positive result. The one that stunned my husband and me the most was a dream I had that I should go to our favorite diner for breakfast because there would be a medical emergency. Told my husband and dud not give it another thought. Next day, we were at that diner and just as in that dream, it unfolded as it showed me. Two young men walking into the restroom. Manager and staff running. As a former EMT and Nurse, I followed and lying on the floor blue and cold from an over dose was a 20 some year old male not breathing. Repositioned him, opened airway, CPR, until he began breathing again. That shook me so much, spoke to my Pastor. God does put us where we belong. All glory and honor to the One.
  • Micah Schow
    Jesus audibly spoke to me one night.
    I had been interested in wicca and new aged theology. But I started feeling God tug at my heart. So I started listening to Christian sermons. And one night before I went to bed I was so confused and frustrated. I out loud just asked what is the truth. I just wanted to know the truth! At the time I didn't even know who i was asking or talking to. I just said I want to know the truth I just want to do the right thing. After I said that I laid down to go to bed and as I was laying there trying to fall asleep I audibly heard " follow me " I jumped up so fast and immediately yelled WHAT NO! Because I have had supernatural experiences and I guess I automatically thought whatever was talking to me was evil. And then I sat down and realized I felt a peace and I just had a knowing in my heart I had just heard from Jesus. At that time I really didn't know much about Christianity and had never even held a Bible. I called my sister in law who had been saved a long long time ago and said tell me everything I need to know a out Jesus. Well I eventually started reading the word and imagine my surprise when I started to hear and read that " follow me " was something Jesus actually said lol I gave my life to him and have been seeking his face ever since. I even sat my whole family down and told my kids I had to repent that I had been wrong... I was wrong about Jesus and I had given my life to him. And since that my family have been saved as well. Jesus is king.
  • I was accused of doing something that I didn't do by a co-worker. It kept me up all night. I was praying and waiting on the Lord. While I was praying and reading my Bible. He told me I will take care of my children. He resolved my situation at work. Provided a new position.
  • John Watson
    I had been praying and asking God to just please let me hear his voice and one night i was sleeping and i heard him say John John. I jumped up from my sleep and said what Father! And it was so plan like he was right there with me. It was so beautiful and amazing
  • FreedomGal
    I was struggling in a season of life and I was taking with God about it and asked "Are You going to take care of me Lord?
    I heard an audible voice say "Haven't I always?" 😳 yes, Lord! You sure have.
  • Bernita Taylor
    I have come to know that God speaks in different tonalities! There's the Still small voice, and the Loud & Commanding voice and there are times when certain scriptures come to mind that resonates in my spirit..
  • Odifili Isi
    I believe he speaks to me everyday , all am asking for him, is to open my ears so I can hear him and understand his words.
  • Realnurse26
    “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

    And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.”

    - John 10:27-28, KJV
  • Maria Christina
    3 nights ago I prayed from my soul to Him and cried to Him. It was one of the most sincere and Holy prayers from my heart I've ever done. I washed all my bedding and clothing and cleaned my room for The Holy Spirit to be present also been fasting daily now. I cried out and asked Him to stay with me and to please stay with me all night. I asked Him to please make sure I wake up on time in the morning to meet my granddaughter and children at the Church building where I volunteer whom I hadnt seen in over a year. I slept like a baby and slept through my 5:30 am alarm. I was awoken by a soft whisper like voice calling my name , sounding neither make nor female and I could still hear the voice as I awoke even though He only said my name the one time. I had this experience about 8 months ago while coming back to the faith. He'd woke me up at night twice but I was afraid, a feeling I cannot explain would surge through my body urging me to wake up , pray, read the Word , watch sermons and God would speak to me this way . He is amazing and His grace is more than sufficient. I love You Jesus. Thank You for loving me and forgiving me LORD
  • Di
    One time I had to move in a short period of time and was very fearful to the point of shutting down. The next day on my lunch hour I went to a local convenience store to pick up a newspaper. Walking back to my car I found a penny. It has always been my connection over the years with the Lord to trust Him. When I picked it up I heard a voice not audibly saying trust Me. Went back to work and picked up a call which was a customer that I've always talked to. That same voice said to me ask her. I was stunned. So, I asked her if she knew of a place for rent. She said funny you should ask I have a place. Went to see it the next day and the following day I had the keys. The Lord was teaching me to recognize His voice and to trust Him.
  • A couple of months ago I was in a dead sleep and I woke up to the words " The Bridegroom cometh "
    It shook me to my core and I immediately went to prayer.
  • Chris Emmert
    Hear Gods voice.
    If you are driving along to work one spring morning with the windows down, you hear birds chirping, you see clouds floating along, you feel the fresh air in your face, you smell the fragrance of flowers. Suddenly you think "Mary has been sick and lives near here, I should visit her". WHICH of your 5 senses told you that?
    Then you think "But if I go visit her, I will be late for work, loose my job, and won't be able to provide for my family".
    The first 'thought' was from God, guess where the second thought came from?
    We hear God speaking to us daily, we also hear from Satan.
    We must discern whom we listen to.
  • Maureen Semadi
    This reminded me of a prayer I had in the morning, as I was driving to work and it was raining, I was hesitant to take a detour that seemed like the quickest way to get to work at that time because I was stuck in a lot of traffic congestion. Somehow how I was forced to go back to that route I was avoiding which according to waze was still the quickest to get to work.

    I had to take another detour again when I was close to work because the road was flooding. So I changed the route and guess what? It lead me straight to my old church, haven't been there since 2017/2018.

    Now guess what was my prayer?
    Lord with everything that is happening in the world I would really like to go back to church, please point me to a church that I must go to. Amen.

    And there I was at my old church. I'm going back this Sunday. God is beautiful and he talks to us all the time 🙏 we just need to stop and listen. This video made me realize that God has been talking all this time.
  • I have had the voice of Heavenly Father speak to me. Not audibly but in my spirit. Not once but, multiple times.