Christian McCaffrey Top Plays of the 2022 Season

Published 2023-01-29

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  • When he's healthy, he is the BEST running back in the league
  • @Lycan4647
    Next year he will reclaim his title as the best RB in football! Run CMC 🔥🏈
  • @freedomxd2733
    Definitely the comeback player of the year, once he got traded to the 49ers his talent got utilized on a whole different level under Kyle's system, had a beasty season with the 49ers!!!
  • what an amazing acquisition. The TD in the NFCCG almost brought me to tears, in a game that was looking lost he just would not die, put the whole team on his back and gave us a brief glimmer of hope. Hopefully the Niners will get him the ring he deserves.
  • @quill1260
    Special, elite, a natural athlete, enormous football IQ......... This dude was born to play this game.
  • @Jeremiah611
    This dude is an absolute beast! He became my favorite player this year. Hats off to CMC for a great season and cheers to more!
  • @sams.358
    McCaffrey is still the same, if not an even better RB now, that went for 1,400 rushing yards, 1,005 receiving yards and 19 total TDs back in 2019 all in one season! He proved again this year that he is the best RB in the league!
  • As complete a player as there is in the league. He can fly (0:02).... he can accelerate (0:48).... he can make you miss (1:37)... he can catch in traffic (1:50)... he can find the running lane (2:15).... he can turn an outlet pass into a big gain (3:29)... he can throw (4:13)... he can improvise (5:18).... he can play wide receiver (9:20)... he can run away and leave you in the dust (9:59)... he can power into the endzone in short yardage (11:02)... he can make you pay if you don't wrap him up (12:02)... he can outrun you (12:58)... and he can run you over (14:23).
  • Wow! This young man runs with authority! Definitely come back player of the year!
  • @scruffd0g193
    What a comeback year for CMC, can’t wait to see how good he’ll be next year after a full offseason in the Niners system.
  • @edharris6452
    Strength, acceleration, top end speed, vision, deadly moves, receiver hands, leg drive, change of direction, incredible body control and - magnificent competitiveness. Such a pleasure to watch, and the next 3-4 years in the same system should be a marvel to behold.
  • McCaffrey is awesome. Miss seeing him in Carolina blue. Our loss is definately a big gain for the 49ers.
  • So glad we have him. He made sure we scored in the championship! Greatest run I've seen in a long time
  • @Steven-cn8dr
    Comeback player of the year in my eyes. love that hes on the 49ers, what an absolute stud. Snubbed this year for the pro bowl, he deserved it and was better than most the other backs that were nominated.
  • @catcity-tx2nu
    He's a machine! Was a treat having him with the 49ers.
  • @JuBoy415
    One of the best 49ers trades I’ve seen in a long time, so glad CMC is on my team 💪🏼⛏️🏈