When Evil Teens Think Murder is Hilarious

Published 2023-11-19
In today's true crime documentary, we're covering the case of Gail Cleavenger and analyzing it from an educational psychological and legal perspective.

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  • @ExploreWithUs
    Hey everyone! Thank you as always for watching! Apologies that these upcoming videos took a bit longer than usual to produce, but we have some very crazy cases coming up, including never-before-seen footage of a killer's video diary. When I first saw the footage, I couldn't believe it. It'll be one of the most chilling cases we've ever covered. We'll likely be publishing that next video within the next few days.
  • @TAGMZs63
    This kid is terrifying. Tossing around adult phrases like he's the smartest person in the room. I'm glad he was interrogated by a no BS detective.
  • @sooya6970
    I love how narcissts believe they're much smarter than they actually are.
  • @lynall-zi9yj
    So scary that he wanted to be in law enforcement. I can't imagine how badly he would have abused such a position
  • @user-gj6wv8pw5j
    he says he'd never hit her through rage, yet he kill her through rage
  • @tyshawnevans475
    the sexual assault line gave me so much second hand embarrassment because it was so obvious he tried to change the subject & manipulate their emotions/empathy😭. it was such a weak attempt
  • “He tells one of the most chilling confessions we’ve ever heard.”
    ad starts playing
  • @garden2356
    To think that his mother endured pregnancy, childbirth, raising him...only to realise within the last few moments of her life that she raised a murderer...a sociopath or psychopath...
  • the fact greg was pretty enthusiastic in the part where he finally tells the truth is genuinely shocking
  • @MarkWendland
    All three of these boys are sick. As a former teacher, it's hard to believe that their disturbing personalities were a secret.
  • Pro tip for anyone ever trying to lie to a detective- if they’re just sitting there quietly listening to you, they don’t believe a single word you say. When detectives believe what you’re saying, they’re gonna stop you every 0.5 seconds. You can notice once Greg starts telling his BS second story, the detective is just kinda waiting for him to finish.
  • The worst part is him trying to cut his mom's finger off to get her ring, That's just unreal how somebody could do that
  • @TheBushSpirit
    “Detective Mike Cox” 😭💀🙏 the parents knew what they were doing when they named him bro
  • @eggmon420
    Saying “Ah f^ck it, it’s whatever.” before admitting to KILLING YOUR MOM is one of the most disturbing, bone-chilling things ever. How a 15 year old can be this evil is beyond me.
  • @kaylee3752
    the amount of times he said "blah, blah, blah" while literally being questioned for murder is crazy
  • @VioletEmerald
    Even more disturbing than Gregory's existence is that he actually has friends so willing to help him and also lacking remorse or other normal emotions. That multiple people like this find each other so easily within the same high school is so unsettling
  • The reason he’s acting cold blooded and so nonchalant about the murder is because he’s mad at the detective. Like he’s throwing it in the detectives face somehow. Like “dead bodies smell bad” trying to downplay what he did by trying to seem cold blooded to intimidate the detective? Truly a sociopath
  • @KDDarkling
    This kid was absolutely psychotic. His mom fought to her death. It was an actual witness of insanity to see the complete change in him when he decides to admit that he killed her and explain how.
  • My sister is a school psychologist at a elementary school here in AZ. She tells me about all the disturbed children she encounters everyday. There are so many that go under the radar and grow up as adults to walk among us. She always gets creeped out or scared. The parents raise them that way. They seem to never care about their childs insane behavior.
  • @damorea2006
    Knowing that someone is lying and trying to convince them to tell the truth slowly is a skill. I could never