Watch: SpaceX Starship Test Flight Ends in Explosion on Second Try | WSJ

Published 2023-11-18
Elon Musk’s SpaceX launched a test flight of its Starship rocket early Saturday from its spaceport in Texas, reaching a crucial booster separation stage before exploding. The company’s previous launch attempt in April ended in an explosion.

00:00 Launch
00:40 Booster separation
01:12 Booster explodes

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  • @mcbugger
    The fact that they've already improved the problem of other engines turning off is crazy
  • @cosmicinsane516
    This was an epic flight. Can’t believe all those raptors actually ran through pretty much a full burn. I’d be interested to see where the second stage debris ends up though.
  • @user-jv2ik9kd6s
    The explosion is so cool looking, the sheer speed of the gases expanding
  • @benamadi3107
    You guys are good at reporting things in the worst possible light.
  • I remember how excited I was back in April, seeing it launch for the first time. This one ended up even better with the stage separation. Kudos to the team for the spectacular explosi- rapid unscheduled disassembly
  • @shsd4130
    Amazing, well done to the engineering team!
  • @art12012
    In my opinion, the booster's rotation after separation was too fast. It's possible that the ship's engines slightly damaged the upper part of the booster, adding a wobble during rotation, which led to its explosion. Towards the end of the ship's flight, just before losing control, it seems like the engines were turned off, and it exploded. It's very interesting that the spacecraft burst at the very end of its journey. Regardless, it is a significant success for SpaceX. Starship had been waiting for launch approval for many months, and if everything had gone smoothly, we might have seen 3 or 4 launches by now
  • @benzerd7807
    It's actually the point of the test - to see where the rocket needs improvement. 8 minutes! Better than the first. Great job Space X!
  • @richb2229
    Astounding test flight to space! Congratulations SpaceX! Can’t wait to see the next one reach orbital velocity!
  • @VicenzoV
    Apart from the "unscheduled disassembly", the launch was a major success.
  • @jorgerosaly8751
    That building went up beautifully! Pure genius installing a metal plate that shoots water to keep launchpad intact. looks like they solved separation issue as well. Awesome job!!
  • @panzfaust9812
    wow the blast radius and rate of expand was so unexpected
  • @jammesvqk857
    It was a test fly and have improved over last one. However, the pressure to make everything work flawlessly in the 3rd attempt is building up and already very high. I hope, they manage to do it. Because, if they lose the 2 vehicles again in the 3rd attempt, things are going to start to get a bit murky.

    On the other hand, Space X and the commentators could be a bit more realistic about the results of the test or at least curb their enthusiasm because losing both vehicles again it is a good reason not to be celebrating and cheering up like it didn't happened at all.
  • @flavyshh
    One step forward. Congrats Space X. This is an inspiration for humanity to keep going until succeeded.
  • @pvandekuijt
    Absolutely terrible headline, for an absolutely phenomenal engineering feat that pushed the envelope in a thousand new ways. Well done SpaceX, absolutely amazing work!
  • @Alex-sv1tt
    what they achieved until now for me looks epic, is just amazing. the press somehow only see a failure because of the explosion which I think is a stupid conclusion. for me looks like a success.
  • @palmerxj
    SpaceX has 3 newer versions almost ready to fly.

    Tankers were there right after the launch refilling the tank farm. IFT3 will probably launch in early December.
  • @mboiko
    A major step forward and testing...great job!