Fortnite CHAPTER 3 EVENT (best ever)

Published 2021-12-04

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  • will4emerson
    The rock really out here doing every side quest in life
  • Props for being able to enjoy Fortnite way longer then I ever could.
  • This event puts a whole meaning to the phrase “the other side”
  • Tavis Evans
    I'm so happy they finally show us the visitor skin again, I have it and I'm so stoked because of it
  • Ximena Godoy
    the fact they just pulled a dwayne cameo out of their ass is so surprising to me
  • “An angry woman, you don’t win”

    Love him or hate him, he spittin straight facts
  • Gunner Fowler
    Lanan’s reaction when he sees the rock is hilarious
  • Max Carignan
    Now we wait for a “it’s about drive, it’s about power” emote
  • nina achkar
    I saw the actual whole stream of this and I played the event. It was insane bro!
  • hard core fan
    I love rewatching his reaction every single time
  • mllop aeet
    so happy to see him enjoying fortnite, and posting fortnite content
  • "I'm just here to smile as cool shit happens"
    That's what we're here for
  • Glad to see you are back Lannan I cant wait to see the content you bring in chapter 3
  • Shegz
    Hey LazarBeam, keep up the great work. I think I can speak for everyone hear and say your content is amazing!