2014/15 John Wilkes Booth: The Last Journey

Published 2015-05-29

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  • Chris Jones
    You guys do a great job of sharing the details of historical events. Fascinating to listen to. Thank you.
  • Erik Massie
    I could honestly listen to the two of You Gentlemen talk about History for day's straight & not get board!! I can't believe that this video is 7yo & I haven't came across it yet. Great Work!!!
  • 01sapphireGTS
    This was fascinating. The two hours flew past. A video post like this should have 800,000+ views but is (at the time of this comment) still under 6,000. I have some personal speaking experience and it is clear that these two men are giving us the highlight reel, or cliff notes of the events that they have a specialty in. I would love to know all of the small details and subordinating facts of this matter. Again, top notch. Thank you for posting.
  • WatcherAnon504
    I just found these videos and I have been watching everyone. You guys are wonderful story tellers,if I would have had a teacher like you guys it would have changed my life.❤️👍🏼💖🌺🌹
  • larrydirtybird
    I love that Booth complained of “being hunted like a dog.” He was actually being hunted like a runaway slave. And I think it is perfect that he was. Of course he never had the awareness to understand that this is the kind of experience what thousands of runaway slaves had endured, and even if he had, he would have felt no pity for them because he considered himself a superior being to them. But damn, I’m glad he experienced it before he died.

    This was a really interesting discussion and I loved every minute of it. Too bad some of the people there looked so bored!
  • Willard Shirkey
    Very good! Thanks guys. We are using it in homeschooling the grandchildren we home school and giving the web site to the large group of home schoolers we are in.
  • sagrammyfour
    I was in high school in 1963. On the night before President Kennedy's funeral, thousands of us stood in an endless line all night in the freezing cold, waiting to pay our respects by filing past our president's body in the rotunda of the capitol. There were people from all over the world, all of us united in shock and sorrow. We waited in silence, except for the occasional whispers of disbelief, shock, fear and grief. I recall Indians holding burning red glowing punk sticks which scented the air with spicy fragrance. There were no bathrooms, no hot coffee or tea--just numbing, brutal, relentless cold. We silently filed past the flag-draped casket placed upon the very same catafalque as President Lincoln's was. President Kennedy, our Commander in Chief, and himself a soldier, was guarded in death by soldiers standing at attention. Afterward we watched his casket pass by on a horse-drawn caisson escorted by Blackjack the riderless horse with the empty saddle and the empty boots turned around in the stirrups who ceaselessly reared and pulled on the reins. Afterward I learned the hands of the soldier handling Blackjack were raw and blistered by the horse who seemed to be reacting to the horror of the unspeakable deed. The day of the funeral was bone chilling cold, and the sky was clear and filled with blinding bright sunlight. It took hours to get home by bus. When I got home, I collapsed and couldn't stop crying. Just yesterday, the 56th anniversary of the foul, evil deed, I mentioned it to a young friend, who didn't even know who President Kennedy was or what happened to him and our country. God help us all--what are they teaching in our schools and colleges?
  • Marc Thibodeau
    A wonderful video. I agree with 01sappireGTS below me. This video should have received 800,000+ views. I would like to thank the two brilliant gentleman for devoting their time and posting this top notch video....thank you, thank you, thank you! Very enlightening and you enriched me---
  • T Simmons
    Thank you very much...a pleasure to listen to
  • AssinnippiJack
    "But I Must Fight The Course. Tis All That's Left Me". Booth's entry in his "Day Book" while on the run.
  • Dave Corsi
    Last 50 minutes it gets to the point. much improved over first 3/4's. Overall good, simply wish they had spent more time on the what the advertised subject was.
  • steve weiser
    we all know the big story but the smaller stories are very interesting and i love the then and now photos
  • Terry Clyde
    What Booth had to write with were pencils, one or two of which (or similar to) were exhibited with part of this diary at Ford's Theatre when I was there.
  • Lori Boufford
    This feels more like a contest between the two presenters to win favor, then a one/2 man lecture.
  • Glen Fields
    57:38 If you go to Ford’s Theatre you can actually view the original door of the Presidential Box with the peep hole in it. But according to the exhibit, the hole was drilled by Lincoln’s security, not Booth.
  • Fudgicle
    LOL at Booth thinking he could "direct" his final confrontation with the Union Army. An actor to the very end.
  • Diane
    Thank you for an interesting video!