3 Americans found dead at Bahamas resort identified l GMA

Published 2022-05-10
Michael Phillips, 68, Robbie Phillips, 65, and Vincent Chiarella, 64, died after falling ill at the Sandals resort. Chiarella’s wife was also airlifted to a hospital with illness, but survived.

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All Comments (21)
  • PJ Newton
    Terrifying and so very sad. RIP to these people. I feel so sad for them and their families. . Others have pointed out that this was happening in the DR and they think that these all inclusive resorts were buying bootleg alcohol to save money. The molecular difference between a alcohol and poison is hardly noticeable. It would be really easy to make poison when you meant to make alcohol.
  • Danni Birkin
    I live in the Bahamas. This happened on the Exuma Island. I don't want people to confuse this 1 island for the entire 700 islands & cays of Bahamas. Almost every citizen in the Bahamas is trying to figure out happened to these tourist. Tourist are a high priority here so this is a tragedy for everyone. Unfortunately, Sandals (a Jamaican owned company) laid off many employees during the Covid era, just like most companies everywhere. They just started employing new staff mid 2021 for their Bahamas locations. Sandals need to investigate who was responsible for the maintenance of these units. Usually in this country jobs are given on a "who I know" basis and not necessarily a "this person is qualified" basis. Many of us in the Bahamas do not have or use AC in our homes so it wouldn't surprise me if Sandals cut back cost of servicing their A/C units by a professional company because they weren't making any money during the pandemic and they were barely making it pre-pandemic. It could also be mold or some other type of aggressive bacterial infection, hence the edema and septicemia. They could check the water pipes in those units because these tourist probably had to bathe and brush their teeth. I doubt it would be alcohol poisoning because almost everyone here on the islands drink the same booze.
  • Toula Sinjorgo
    My Husband and I was in Dominican Republic a couple of years ago!! Upon entering our room we was overpowered by a chemical smell
    We stayed in the room for a couple of ours and both became sick and had to go to a local clinic that cost
    Taxi ride there and back and had to pay cash a d with credit card the Doctor that saw us and falsified the facts of our medical issues
    Returned back and asked a different room that had also a chemical smell but huge windows on the third floor that we left wide opened
    We had to cut our stay sort because I developed upper respiratory health issues and a cough that could not stop that lasted for sixteen months
    Remember the Doctor at the clinic??? He falsified all medical papers and said we had come to the island with a cough 😷 and a cold
    Liars to cover legal consequences and it was in Dominican Republic same establishment
    It costs us over $6,000.00 that horrific horribleness experience, but stayed alive!!
  • Debra Newton
    Sad & condolences to the families. This is a very strange situation foe this to happen. It makes me think twice about going anywhere these days, the world is so corrupt! Don't know what happen to the people who died. Prayers the families get to the bottom of this losing their love ones. I pray the families find peace & strength to get through this devastating situation. 😩🙏
  • Lindsay Smith
    How insensitive to say you’re not gonna dwell on it. You don’t know what the cause was and it could happen to you next smh
  • Margie Winslow
    Similar cases in the Dominican Republic. I worked there for several years. Visited resorts a few times. The staff were not well trained about spraying pesticides properly. I watched them dump handfuls of pool chemicals in the pools. My vote for all these cases on different islands is pesticides and/or mold in the a/c units. I was exposed once to carbon monoxide accumulating in my ground level room.
  • Simply Imani
    Reminds me of Agatha Christie's mystery books. RIP and condolences to the families affected
  • Quinn Price
    Tragic. I'm glad the resort wants to fix this with any help they can get.
  • Jeffrey Bate
    I feel sad for Robbie, she will be missed! That's it!
  • bookaholic blue
    This has also happened in the Dominican Republic. Is it counterfeit alcohol or maybe an airborne toxin from bacteria or mold?
  • Ryan Cutler
    Was wondering if it was a jellyfish sting due to them saying the surviving victim had rashes on her, however, I feel as though that is unlikely as two couples that were strangers to each other (they never hung out together) mysteriously died in their rooms. Probably some sort of chemical leak.
  • Mary
    This is very strange for them to die under such suspicious circumstances. The son said the air in the hotel room. Although possible. I couldn’t help but think 🤔 maybe alcohol poisoning, if they drank, as another possibility?
  • Krystal Crawley
    Im pretty sure they have a autopsy by now. Just would like to know the cause of death. I hope they will tell the community. Clearly they are not telling everyone the whole truth.
  • Youtube Incognito
    It could be a jellyfish. Very tiny jellyfish but more deadly than box jellyfish. They uploaded it on 6o minutes Australia last week.
  • Kristine Bailey
    I want no part of those countries, no matter how many beach photos they promote. The fact that they had to be flown to Miami, Florida, USA to a decent hospital, tells me everything I need to know about Sandals, and those Island nations.
  • embroz Stock
    This happen not too long ago to a family that passed due to carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Nadia Subratie
    This is just the beginning. By the fall if this year, you’ll see millions
  • Peachy Keen42
    They definitely need to check the alcohol they ingested, if applicable.