A day in my life, Hawaii Style!

Published 2018-01-07
I've been wanting to make youtube videos now since I was 18 and I am currently 23! There is no better time then now to get started! My days are free flowing, adventurous, heart warming, tear jerking, and interesting so I feel compelled to share it with the world haha Believe me it is harder for me to watch then you; only kidding. I love my life, I wouldn't trade it for the world; it is unique, I am a special snowflake, one of a kind, earth dweller, saint, child of god, human being. I don't even know what I'm saying anymore haha Any ways I asked myself would I feel like I am distracting people, taking someones time, maybe even wasting or stealing from people in any way shape or form by making these videos for the people? I feel confidant in myself to say I feel I am adding value to those who cross my path. With that said Enjoy! Aloha! I love you!

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  • Way to take what life gives you at each point and make it into something fun, and entertain us from all over the world at the same time.. nice :-)
  • @palmtrees5459
    Damn I was homeless for a year in Hawaii too in Honolulu. I live in Portland now I left back in 2014. I was happy now that I think back but it wasn’t always easy. Good luck to you you’re killin it.
  • You should like be a model. You will definitely live life in Hawaii like a boss after that 😋
  • @TheOnlyWay
    I have got to meet you one day! Such a superawestoundazzling being of light.
  • Oh much love chica! What a uplifing video. I need a change an my life and am seriously looking into moving to Hawaii however I have no idea which island/ city to go. May I as which island/ city we're you in? What made you move away?😁 #beeasy
  • @davidgabrie1302
    It’s not about money, if it were why are celebrities committing suicide? It is exactly what you are doing that is the key to happiness...

    You get up and give your body stretches, you exercise to breath and take in oxygen, then you eat right, taking in wholesome foods.

    You share your song to others and they show you appreciation, you work a little to make ends meet, but you are not tied to the job. Once you are done working, you are finished.

    The work is not consuming you, it’s not a stress factor in your life. I know people they are at work 70+ hours and when they go home, they are thinking about the job.

    You meet with others and spread awareness about change, and you love to communicate with nature and friends.

    How many people in this World can claim to have Sea Turtles as friends, and if they could would they?

    I was drawn to your video because I was curious, and seeing... I’ve found a young girl that is more centered and balanced then a majority of people.

    I’ve found a beautiful young woman, that has a great future because she is beginning to set the foundations of what living is all about.

    And the attitude you have will get you as far as your dreams will take you.

    Enjoy this time, savor every bit of it...you will look back on this time, as the best ever!


  • Thats bullshit those people shut you down from singing. You did your best though. Oh well. You have a big heart and I love that about you and I don't even know you. I subscribed
  • I am coming to Pahoa end of January/Beginning of February to attend a rainbow gathering!
  • @samuelsmith6571
    I can't wait to pay your medical bills as a taxpayer when you have to go to the ER
  • @memewells
    Are you living in a car? I want to go to Hawaii so badly but I’m in Illinois and don’t know how I could get there. I live in my car and was just wondering. If you don’t have a car , Could you tell me where cheap or free places to sleep in Hawaii. Just in case I lose the car and just go. Thank you
  • @626nandy
    unhappy means loneliness.........UN happy......... UNITED Nation makes this earth very lonely!!!!!!!!!!
  • @j-kane5922
    I live in Hilo...there's too many mainland people coming here to intentionally live in their cars or in tents somewhere in the bushes. There's a difference between being "homeless" and being "houseless" People born and raised here that can't afford the cost of living is just houseless, because these islands ARE their home...this isn't yours sorry. Love your enthusiasm tho...and to call it "Hawaii Style" ppshhhh c'mon, more like mainland style