spot the fake couple

Published 2023-02-15

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  • @litneyloxan
    cody’s editor’s confidence after reading the comment section: 📈📈📈
  • @TheAMVDorf
    Cody finally acknowledging that he just guesses everyone is the mole is so satisfying, his arc is finally complete
  • @NameBrandCody
    Cody really the type of dude to go “mimimimimimi” at the end of every snore
  • @livvylag
    kissing in front of so many people in silence and they’re all staring💀💀 even the thought is intensely uncomfortable
  • As someone who compulsively likes Cody’s videos the second they start, the ending made me feel like I was framed for a crime.
  • @Xorqa
    There’s no way Cody’s editor keeps topping himself every video.
  • @tyrone_lopez
    Cody’s editor never disappoints with those intos 😭
  • @GraceCrabtree
    “Drives my skin up the wall” I’m gonna start using that Chody. Thanks.
  • @decorticate
    Cody having no concept of exes who don't hate each other is so funny
  • Cody saying he guessed it right at the end of all these videos just kills me every time
  • @tsemol5297
    strategy: be a couple, apply for the impostor role as not couple, be believable because xyou are a couple, they keep you in, you win and swindled the producers
  • Legit the best editor I have come across on youtube. The intro's, the cuts, the animations; he makes us laugh while not even being there. Massive props
  • My takeaway was this was the nicest group of people in any jubilee or cut video. Probably the reason they are all in a relationship unlike videos like the button or other odd one outs etc.
  • @emclovin6962
    my 8 year old son and I still walk around like goblins, going “i’ll be having this” like it’s an uncontrollable urge to shout it out. I see now what happened to that one dude. Good on him for limiting it to “relaxing after-work” days.
  • @ryanhamachi6072
    A big reason why all the couples feel fake and awkward is because they are all trying to ham up the romance so they don't get voted out
  • @DiscipleBen
    I genuinely loved when the editor said “we did not edit these sound effects” I died laughing 😂
  • I’ve been with my partner for 5 years and my Lock Screen is my cat so I’d fail immediately
  • @aguajelly
    8:16 I love the editor clarifying they didn’t add that in, wanted everyone to know that’s allll jubilee 😭😭🤣
  • @ariabrooks724
    How the heck are people so unaware?? How did they get this wrong?? I totally called this one from the moment they all first spoke simply because they were the only couple that didn't say the exact time they've been together. The man said, "We've been together for years now." Everyone else said the actual length of time they were together. Then, on top of that, the kiss they shared was awkward. NAILED IT.