Rihanna - Diamonds Live Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012 1080p HD

Published 2013-02-10
Rihanna - Diamonds Live Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012

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  • @MassaBruin
    Isnt it funny how rihanna did this for Victoria's secret and now shes killing Victoria's secret with Fenty
  • @katycat564
    Hands down the best VS performance ever. This still give me chills. Her outfit, her vocals! Omg i cant express how much i love this
  • @a_b_official
    who is here in 2024??? lemmi jus clarify this is the best VSFS feature ever,,,, i keep coming back to listen to how the song blended with the show and the outfits,,,feeling of satisfaction,,,RIHANNA the star you are💋💋❤❤❤
  • @Yayayyyayayaa
    how rude of them, interrupting Rihanna's concert like that
  • @kelvinwaves
    Her live vocal control is insane and this performance sounds literally better than the recording studios. She is such a great live singer and her style is so unique, just like her world class voice
  • @wanderwoman9528
    Rihanna’s presence is just... i cant take my eyes off of her.
  • This was the most beautiful runway fashion show ever. Rihanna performing Diamonds was absolutely the BEST I've ever watched! ❤❤
  • All the models were beautiful, but ain’t no one slain it like Rihanna
  • @everythingFLO__
    That “shine bright like a diamond WOOHUYEAHHH” gives me chills every time😩❤️
  • @fAshSon
    This is Rihanna’s best vocal delivery performance of her career. Period.
  • @zinzanzoo
    Those last few runs, the first "shine bright like a diamond" just scratches my brain the right way. The subtle roughness is just ahhh
  • I just like how Rihanna and the models interacted. It wasn't awkward nor cringe, just pure natural.
  • @laurawarren1241
    Oh look, they had a vs fashion show at Rihanna’s concert!
  • @khushh17
    @3:48 the way she carries that outfit the lyrics and the attitude she has along with the hand movements looking so cool and so necessary for her to get the beat at the right time. A SPECTACULAR PERFORMER SHE IS ❤ Huge respect
  • @dunia2087
    It was on that day that Victoria's Secret dug its own grave, giving Rihanna the brilliant idea of creating her own fashion show with real people and authentic art.