Civil War and the Normality of Violence | Film Analysis

Published 2024-04-21
Civil War is written and directed by Alex Garland and stars Kirsten Dunst, Wagner Moura, and Cailee Spaeny.

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  • @ronoc9
    I just saw it. I'm Irish, and watching it, I was reminded of a very dark joke here in Ireland. A man is walking alone in Belfast one night. He's suddenly pulled into a dark alley. He can't see anything except a gun pointed at his head. The gunman asks, "Are you a Catholic or a Protestant?" The man had been walking for so long, he lost track of what side of Belfast he was in. If he gives the wrong answer, he'll be shot. The man suddenly has an idea and says. "Neither. I'm Jewish." The gunman pauses and then asks, "But are you a Catholic Jew or a Protestant Jew." The problem is not what side you're on, but the fact there are sides.
  • @trafficcone5449
    It feels an awful lot like people in the comments section didnt actually watch the video and just wanted to gripe about the movie
  • I like how this comment section goes from braindead, 2-dimensional political takes to well-constructed, nuanced understandings of the world around us and the themes of the movie. Good video, keep it up man
  • I feel like watching Come and See and deciding to respond with a “both sides bad, why can’t we all just get along?” movie is… ill-informed at the very best.
  • i saw this today, the scene with the soldiers burying the bodies literally made my jaw drop
  • i think a lot of haters missed the point or didn't see it and are just hopping on the hate train. I loved it, and you helped me understand something a little better: i see now that jessie and lee had like a yin-yang character arc. The image you showed with lee in the white shirt and jessie in black, it makes more sense for lee to be getting severe ptsd and jessie to be desensitized and embracing this career path in the end.
  • 1991 Yugoslav Wars vibes. One of the most brutal wars between group of people having hundreds years of common history, speaking simillar language and looking indistinguishable the same. Yes it's possible that USA could implode into this bloody mess.
  • @Upintheairideas
    Sorry so many are chewing you in the comments. But this is one of the better reviews I've seen. I like that you also specify republic but that's just me. I think you are on the right track, though I do have to say the film feels a bit hollow still, since it goes so far out of the way not to point dirty fingers, that it has basically no world building, or explanations to flesh out the film. Like how is the president a tyrant? The most the film says is three terms, bombing Americans and getting rid of the FBI. Only one of which can't be justified (I'll let keyboard warriors choose which.). I find this too be one of the stranger films I've watched as when I was in the theater I was invested and absorbed. But almost as soon as I left I felt dissatisfied.
  • @roninhood1027
    It feels like those in power are pushing for this to become reality.
  • @MrEkzotic
    Elton John is a bad dude in this movie.
  • @trueromani7262
    A LOT of people are complaining that this isn't what they expected or either they were mismarketed or something but the truth is that they just wanted the movie to say exactly what they wanted to hear. But that's not how it works. I already knew the movie wasn't keen on taking sides or "having a backbone". To me this was a regurjitating movie about war, human nature and a not so sweet road trip. People think being apolitical is cowardly but I disagree.
  • a second american civil war just isn’t the same without Huey Long(dong) :/
  • @chasehedges6775
    Movies like this, Threads and 1984 with John Hurt, and The Nightingale are frightening
  • Well said and well developed ideas about this film; I saw it today and loved it
  • the message is there is no glory or honor in war; just hard work minute by minute; the soldiers give their spirit and soul; the leaders get credit
  • @tonycrown5155
    I was wondering if you would ever consider analyzing the movie face/off 1997
  • I recently saw the movie and tbh it’s only a 5/10 imo It’s not terrible. It had plenty of good scenes and intense moments, but I felt that it tried too hard to not be controversial that it ended up not saying too much, the characters aren’t that likable, and the ending was rushed. Enjoyable, but not as deep as I was expecting.