Andrea Bocelli, Natalie Cole - The Christmas Song

Published 2015-10-22

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  • Shelbymaldita
    I still can't believe that Natalie left us she was like her father. Her beautiful voice lives forever!😘😇🙏
  • Sharen Watson
    Two of the most exquisite singers of the music industry.. absolutely beautiful...what a perfect duo..
  • Cynthia Angle
    Thank you for playing this fantastically beautiful Christmas special. They don't write songs and music like this anymore. This is exactly what we needed to soothe our souls in 2020.
  • Dee
    That was beautiful; two beautiful voices!  Natalie was truly amazing and had such a great voice!  She was so elegant!
  • Stef Moss
    Voices like that of late Natalie will never ever die ....
    Andrea, never stop your own magical singing , we love you.... 💕
  • yankeeladee02
    Natalie, Andrea, David, a splendid orchestra, a beautiful set and the spirit of the late, great Nat King Cole, this was as PERFECT as it gets. This is my favorite Christmas song, by Nat and no one has ever come close to his version, but this was a masterpiece. Truly magical and incredibly moving. Goosebumps from head to toe.
    Blessings to Natalie and her dear Dad. Free from sickness and in peace. We shall cherish their lovely gifts for all time. Peace unto all.🕊
  • Great to see the legacy and artistry of Nat King Cole further on display here in Natalie. Beautiful duet with Andrea!
  • D C
    The one and only Ms. Natalie Cole. What a stunning duet. I love them singing together. Her voice is smooth like butter. Rest in heavenly peace. xoxo
  • Gerald Marcyk
    It takes a rare talent to make singing this good look effort-less. Natalie Cole was so gifted, and singing with Bocelli makes everyone sound better.
  • Graham Brooks
    Just about the best ever Christmas song. Nothing could ever touch her father's version , but Natalie inherited a beautiful voice and the duet does the beautiful song justice.
    OMG! Sooo many beautiful memories. Natalie looked absolutely fabulous! Her voice was just awesome on this song.
  • Butch Zamora
    The confidence in her voice just magnetizes you. Feels like we're in a different world where there are no problems and misfortunes.
  • Quike Carrillo
    Sentir cada acorde de esta canción, y la armonía con la que cantan estos dos intérpretes, es una sensación tan Hermosa y nostálgica al mismo tiempo ♥️
  • Joel Campbell
    An incredible rendition of the Ultimate Classic “Christmas Song”..... their unique voices blended spectacularly !! A perfect setting as well, brought a tear to my eye, my mother’s favorite Christmas song. Thank You !! GOD BLESS US EVERYONE !! 🙏🏻✝️❤️
  • yolanda morua
    Beautiful , first time , hearing Natalie Cole sing. Such a beautiful voice justL,LIKE her father. ANDREA BOCELLI IS LIKE LISTENING TO AN ANGEL .
  • King Doc
    Saw Natalie Cole live for Juneteenth in Tulsa early 90s. She brought full orchestra like old times sang with her father playing video above...Class act.
    Now singing one of her father's classics with an international singer... I know Nat King is smiling
  • T. I
    Wonderful Duet - both of them with heavenly voices. Natalie Cole, R.I.P.
    Andrea, may God protect you and your family!
  • Laith Manni
    Natalie is an angel her self, what a beautiful Christmas song, brings joy and tears, love you Natalie 💕❤️
  • Faith Girton
    What a beautiful duet !! I miss Natalie Cole her voice was just as perfect as her dad!!!
  • Suzana Jianu
    Un duet superb și nemuritor !
    Doua mari voci...din păcate una s a stins...
    R.I.P Natalie Cole !💝🌹