The Monarchy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Published 2022-11-13
John Oliver discusses the future of the British monarchy, what they have and have not acknowledged about their past, and how Winston Churchill preferred to go down waterslides.

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All Comments (21)
  • John Oliver. The only Oliver who hates the monarchy more than Cromwell.
  • @deepgardening
    I know an indigenous Canadian, my age, who, while we played disc golf, told me how whenever the Government boat came into the village's inlet he had to hide. He did this successfully, so he fully learned his people's language and did not disappear into an unmarked grave at a boarding school due to abuse. Now I hated school, but my god, there's plenty of stories about similar mistreatment of native children in the US, and we think we're good guys.
  • @KarmikCykle
    The level of sarcasm and derision in Lidia Thorpe's delivery of the oath. Absolutely legendary.
  • @dionysuspicious
    My great grandmother was born as a colonial subject of King George V, she saw the reigns of Edward VIII, George VI, Elizabeth II and is still alive in the reign of Charles III. Her opinion of the royal family is overwhelmingly negative as she saw with her own eyes the devastation of the subcontinent following British withdrawal, her own father was a prisoner of war in WWI; however she had great respect and affection for Elizabeth to the point that she cried at the news of her death, yet refuses to even speak of Charles (Primarily because he mistreated Diana).
  • @seanmaj
    My mom is 91 years old. She’s an Irish Catholic born in the north of Ireland. She’s been in Canada since 1957. She doesn’t have her citizenship cause she won’t pledge allegiance to the queen.
  • @Ravenoustoxic
    Let us all remember the wisdom that lizzie in the box emparted us before she passed away, " we should embrace modest materialism" while she was sitting on her golden throne.
  • As someone who strongly believes that people who commit funny crimes deserve equally funny punishments, the case of egg man brought a tear to my eye
  • @colehartel7206
    Why is it that the people who think they should not be held responsible for what their ancestors did still seem to think they deserve to inherit what their ancestors stole?
  • @henrylee4856
    It was brilliant to see this. The amount of obsequious coverage of the royals, even in Ireland where I’m from, was nauseating. Especially given our history.
  • @marcello234
    As an Australian, I am 10000% behind you John ! I can't wait to get rid of that ridiculous family that has nothing to do with this Country.
  • @patiencemuthama
    As a Kenyan I thank you for highlighting the colonialism in our country..The effects are still being felt even Up to today
  • @ronb8052
    I'm an American, living in Las Vegas. I've frequently run into Londoners....the first question I ask them is: "what do you think of the Monarchy ?" Literally 100% of them give me the same stock answer: "because of the Monarchy, we make millions from tourism." I've been to London...I don't remember being invited into Buckingham Palace or any of the royal gardens. If the Monarchy ends, my guess is tourism will INCREASE. The mansions, palaces and gardens will still bring tourists...nothing will change.
  • For those of you who are curious, Sky did in fact air this segment.
  • @grahamlive
    The football chant was ok. But the best one was when they held a minutes applause at a Glasgow Celtic game. The thinking being there’s no way Celtic fans would respect a minute’s silence, the Celtic fans chanted, while all the officials, opposition fans etc were applauding “If you hate the Royal Family clap your hands” to the tune of If You’re Happy and you Know It”. Oh man, it was hilarious. 😂😂
  • @matancohen2068
    I worked for the government in Canada and had to recite the pledge to the Queen after my HR orientation. I was completely surprised by the requirement and was told it was a must to work there. When I asked if I had to do it they said your only option is you can choose to omit "so help me God" at the end... I was like, so I can remove God if I don't believe in God but can't omit the entire pledge if I think the monarchy is stupid.
  • @rjpittman4510
    Not many shows get stronger going into their 10th season. Glad to see LWT is one. I hope he continues for many more years
  • @sarahprice659
    I love that they fact check everything . It’s nice to be able to get interested in something without having to question if any of what you are learning is actually true.
  • Thank you for this John - as a Brit in favour of abolishing the monarchy Im glad there’s someone influential talking about it like this. The institution has done nothing for us and has actively oppressed many others, I’m glad this is being brought to light!
  • @csldc
    This episode did in fact air in full on the Sky network. Way to go, Mr. Oliver.
  • Thank you for this brilliant program. I am a 78 year old, anti royalist and I remember the disgusting situation in Kenya and it was this that started me being politically aware. I hope to see the end of the system of royalty which would also negate the house of lords. These people have stolen from working people for hundreds of years.