Published 2022-09-17
We survived overnight with $10 vs $10,000!
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Our motto on this channel is LAUGH DAILY! Why is this our motto? Because we believe in the importance of laughing daily, we strive to bring joy to people's lives by watching our content.
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All Comments (21)
  • Dylan Brettin
    I loved having Isaac on the budget challenge. Please bring him around for future budget challenges, he brings another level of character to the video.
  • Charles Skrabel
    Isaac is a great addition!! Definitely need him in more videos to fill the void
  • "Do you want a Pepson?"
    "Uhhh... i have type 2 diabetis"
  • James Mitchell
    Dude I’ve been working all day so being able to relax and watch these vids is just the best thing ever.
  • masongodofgames!
    you guys should do more of these more often because they are just so fun and very entertaining to watch you guys should also do more micro forts like adding on the the old micro forts you made and doing budget overnights in those because so videos were lit! :)
  • Aditya Bali
    Isaac is a great addition to the channel. This is probably the second best trio after Justin, Andrew and Hyper
  • BadGUNit
    I like the twist on the budget challenge. Dropping for different things instead of one for everything!
  • TakBolt Live
    Isaac won hands down , I would actually want to stay at his fort although Justin's was most secure.
  • Thomas Richards
    Haha the hotdogs bring me back to the budget challenge with Caleb when he was sick from them.
  • yun saduy
    Issac is a great new addition, had me and my husband cracking up multiple times during the video Love the new video!
  • Kruizer_1113
    You should do this again but everyone has the same random budget so you can see who can make the best shelter with the same amount!
  • K K
    You guys are a part of my daily routine i watch old and new videos whenever i can! Love you and your guys content!! Thanks for what the laughs!!
  • Brian Thomann
    Nice job as always! Loved Andrew's simple yet comfy design! And Isaac gets better and better!
  • Brayden Novak
    Isaac is an awesome attention to the team he needs to be in more vids and budgets def
  • Penelope Taber
    My favorite videos they make are the ones like these, where they make the shelters. I love seeing what they make and they are also fun and enjoyable to watch.
  • I haven’t even watched the whole bud yet but I had to say this right now. I love Isaac, he was a great addition to this video, you guys will definitely have to add him again to future vids! And as always great job to the editors and Justin and Andrew, and anyone else behind the camera for making these great vids!
  • Lyndi
    Does anyone remember when Andrew actually got big baller budgets? 😅😅😅
  • Qsurm
    I like the concept of this challenge and the fact that you can have the best shelter with no snacks entertainment or anything 😂😂
  • TroubledCJ
    yall should do a survival budget challenge with justin, andrew, hyper, isaac, and caleb. i feel like that would be an awesome video