Judge sentences Nathaniel Rowland to life in prison: raw video

Published 2021-07-27
A judge has sentenced a man to life in prison for killing University of South Carolina student Samantha Josephson after kidnapping her in Columbia's Five Points back in 2019. Nathaniel Rowland also spoke in court before sentencing.

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  • Warren
    I will never understand how parents think because they raised their kid it's impossible for them to turn out bad. Every killer at one point was a cute baby.
  • Mike Hemlepp
    I am a South Carolina lawyer and i have appeared before this Judge many times, including in murder trials. He is exactly this calm, respectful and grounded in person, not just for cameras and high profile cases. We are fortunate to have him, and his daughter, on the bench. Judge Newman is a class act.
  • Billie Tharp
    This judge is a true class act. If we had judges like this man all over the country, I believe there would be justice everywhere
  • Free2LoveDorks
    If we don’t hold our children accountable, the courts will.
  • Tonna Sullivan
    This judge is one of a kind. I’m speechless. We need more like him ❤️
  • James Oreck
    This judge is incredible. He has integrity and openness. He is truly inspiring.
  • This man’s family not holding him accountable is probably part of what got him here. We MUST hold our children accountable. 😞
  • I could listen to this judge all day. Not even about a criminal case, just his wisdom..
  • Douglas Phillips
    Mad respect for Judge being professional in the face of such a vile situation.
  • Ced Sidewinder
    This judge is not only brilliant and well spoken. He's also dignified, calm of demeanor and definitely does his level best to be impartial. A good many judges could learn from his example
  • Marisa Brand
    Judge Newman, you have my absolute respect! I worked 20+ years in my local court system and clerked for multiple Judges. You sir, are a consummate professional and an outstanding speaker. Thank you for your service. There should be more Judges like you!
  • Monica P
    My heart goes out to Samantha family I came across the article online and when her mom said “Her dreams were my dreams, and her death was my death. I close my eyes, and I feel what she endured at his hands.”…..I dnt have no idea who Samantha or her mom is but my tears couldn’t stop flowing. I have a daughter and can’t imagine this horror happening to her. The judge is a man of integrity, his calmness is a blessing. God bless you. And parents need to make their kids responsible.
  • Donald Broadstone
    This Judge is a perfect example of what our society needs in every courtroom
  • Bob Bobbins
    Love this judge. Epic, old-school man with a calm and yet powerful demeanor. You can tell he speaks honestly and thoughtfully.
  • dm91214
    This is a wise judge and sounds like a great dad. Wish we have more judges like him.
  • WorthlessDeadEnd
    When he said, "This is painful", I believed him. You can hear it in his voice. Doing what he had to do brought no joy. There were no winners in this case. Only tragedy.
    (Edit) When the judge tells you that you need to have demons exorcised out of you, you must have done something bad.
  • Bon
    "For whomever asked me for lenience, that's no part of my DNA"

    We need more judges like this.
  • Jim O'Callaghan
    This man needs to be elected to the Supreme Court! Such insight and wisdom.
  • J I
    RIP to this young lady. I couldn't even imagine the horror she went through.
  • Al j
    He is guilty. The evidence is overwhelming. It is sometimes difficult for a mother to see beyond who and what she believes her son to be. The crime is horrific and justice has been served.