How To Build A Remarkable Life with Rick Warren

Published 2018-07-23 — At some point in our childhood, we all learned the three “Rs” of education: reading, writing, and arithmetic. In this message at Saddleback Church, Pastor Rick and a panel of moms and teachers share a new set of “Rs” — ones that every child needs to lead a remarkable life. You’ll learn what the Bible says about being remarkable through respect, reliability, resourcefulness, and resilience. Find out how to affirm the dignity of everyone around you, be dependable, make the most of what you have, and recover from disappointment. Don’t miss this message that will equip you — and those around you — to live a life of purpose.

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  • Vanadians
    You will never know how much comfort you have brought me, but God does 😉. Im going through a growing phase along with the pain that growing brings. Sometimes Im overwhelmed and all I have to do is look for one of your sermons to feel so much better. Thank God for you!!!
  • B McKenna
    I can't begin to express how grateful I am for your ministry! You are a man that God truly uses to help and encourage...thank you for all the sacrifices you have made to preach the Word of God ❤️
  • Harsono Setiono
    How to build a Remarkable life:

    1. Respectful
    2. Reliable
    3. Resourceful
    4. Resilient
  • Luz
    Thank you for this word. God told me a lot in this.
  • God bless You Sir. You're my model. I pray your ministry extend its fellowship in my country, Cameroon
  • Squarge Baw
    Your Gift is exceptional 🙏 All Glory to God
  • Resourceful that is the secret of life. learning to be contented no matter what situation you are in. you can sleep on the floor and eat on the floor and be happy while others they can only sleep on a mattress and nice table. Respect is key to everyone no matter who that person is.
  • Crown Prince
    Amen, thanks pastor for all your teaching efforts in the name of God. 🙏👼
  • Keep Up With The Good Work Sir.GOD Will Expressly and Speedly REWARD YOU In JESUS Name.Amen.
  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏Overjoyed to be able to hear this message during this time of hopelessness all over this huge World (Because of a lot of things going on everywhere) 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 We might be behind about 3 years over here not in the middle of the USA in the beautiful Evergreen state🌲🌲🌲of Washington. So glad to have heard this message by these means May 2021.
  • Peter gitts
    God bless you pastor rick i have learnt alot through your sermons.
  • Sj Toms
    Thank you pastor Rick 🙏🕊️🔥🙏🙏
  • The Rose. Chun
    This is more like the best private psychotherapy session with no charge. Thank you! Pastor Rick! 🙏♥️
  • So fitting you would talk about remarkable people this weekend. one of the people that, right off the bat stands out in my mind is Jon Schnepp who passed away suddenly this weekend. He was truly a remarkable person and covers all of the above, talent, personality, achievement, and was unusual. He had a gift to be larger than life but also be one of us at the same time and could put you at ease in any situation. This weekend also happened to be comic-con and it was his kingdom and was strangely fitting to have all of his friends and family all in one place, the love was felt. It was like going sailing without your captain, or going to church without your paster, while sombre, we were all together.
  • Mariana Arevalo
    thanks pastor Rick warren. I read the book the 8 healing decisions and I change my life
  • Thank you, this was such a wise & powerful sermon for me. Important reminders for work and life! 👍
  • Eric Hyde
    Amen Rick, respect should be mandatory! I love all of you guys out there!