I Built Minecraft's Safest Base

Published 2023-11-25
After 3 MONTHS I Built Minecraft's ACTUAL Safest Base, Because my friends steal stuff from me :)

This video took FOREVER to make, But I wanted to make sure I gave you guys a insane video for hitting 1 million! I cant thank you guys enough, Let me know what you guys think of it

Inspired by: @WenzoYT @ThatMumboJumbo

This MINECRAFT HARDCORE SERIES is inspired by Wadzee, MumboJumbo, Grian, and Sandiction! Instead of being the Hermitcraft SMP, this series is similar to a MINECRAFT CHALLENGE video because it is HARDCORE MINECRAFT! aCookiegod also with his hardcore Minecraft videos This is similar to my 100 DAYS in MINECRAFT HARDCORE but better!

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  • @TheRealCarvs
    Someone literally broke into this base with no armor and half a heart... NAHHHHHHHH

    My main plan for this base was to just put every single defense I could think of onto it. Turns out the best way to make the safest Minecraft base is to just hide it really well. I probably should've known that hahaha

    it totally didn't take me 4 MONTHS to build this face-blue-smilingface-red-droopy-eyestext-green-game-overperson-turqouise-wavingface-purple-wide-eyesface-fuchsia-poop-shapeface-red-heart-shape

    hope you guys enjoyed the video though 👍
  • @hobbitmisty2109
    The funny part is that people seem to be forgetting that you can skip the entire thing with a well placed ender pearl. But in the sense of making it entertaining, you succeeded . It looks epic.
  • @anguschan7535
    Carvs: I build the safest base!

    Kenadian: and i debunked it personally
  • @carafurry7862
    You see, what you do is you build this elaborate thing, then walk 300 blocks away and hide your belongings in a chest located under 2 blocks of lava. They will never find it because they are to busy looking for it at your overly protected base.
  • @topherpuri720
    If you think about it, a minecraft bucket contains a cubic meter of liquid. Now, that means when you take a bucket of milk from a cow, you are extracting a cubic meter, or 264 gallons of milk from that poor cow. With 20 chests of 27 slots each, that's 142,652 gallons of milk. From that one cow. In under (probably) 2 minutes. No wonder that poor cow's traumatized.
  • @moileb
    Completely practical until you realise that you actually have to enter the base 💀
  • @Amonimus
    The glaring problem with each of these traps is that they work only when a player goes through them. Anyone sane would dig, bridge or fly (the one exception made here). Layers also damage each other.
  • @NotBedwarsDad
    Completely practical until you realize that you can get in with half a heart
  • Some suggestion for it to be an actual Safest base :
    1.) Surround the underlying mechanisms with obsedians
    2.) Make a lava pool sort of liie wall just below the area so no one tries to dif straight from below
    3.) Put monument elder guardians in some water boxes around the perimeter near ground and inside ground too to to cause the players to have mining fatigue
    🎉🎉🎉 I think it will be a more better guarding place
    4.) I don't know whether it will work but let some wardians and dangerous mobs get loose around the place or basically where you had worked down below in the ground and around the place 😂😂 , i don't think its effective but i hope they won't fight each other instead
    5.) Also compromising some functionalities , surround the while thing and gaps between the defenses with glass for protection from ender pearls and elytra
    6.) Also people can still break in using those tnt blast machines on a server if you didn't notice them making one quickly and then they could destroy the defenses and barge in , even carrying fire charge or derstructive stuff will be helpful
  • The fact that you can enter the base in 7 seconds is hilarious
    Edit: wtf 500 likes
  • @IdavinkiI
    The fact that he did this in survival is so damn impressive
  • @nyoom4668
    While the surface appears quite safe, I fear that it may be at risk of underground tunnelling to pass the defences. If you were to use TNT to get through the mining fatigue after digging straight up from the estimated coordinates of the base, you could get straight through. A great piece of work, but perhaps needing an update.
  • @quoogynuts
    Wow what a safe base! I hope you can't just enter it with absolutely nothing but the stuff used in the base defense!
  • @ForTheJerusalem
    Ah yes the safest base! If they can't mine, build, use ender pearls(or chorus fruit), use elytras, create nether portals, see, and if they follow the script.
  • @user-mw1od2qc1o
    This is crazy. I also think it would be cool to make a super practical version, with all the weapons still.
  • @angelical6068
    While the Orbital Strike Cannon from cubicmetre would've been a better defense than the entire base combined, you made a SICK looking base and that's the part that's important at the end of the day.
  • Just to point out, the downwards tnt machine looks like a halo of the base tbh. Looks cool.

    Yea and the base can be infiltrated by a well placed ender pearl, or an elytra.
  • @user-is8ht2rl9i
    Watching the tremendous effort and sincerity enter the base, it occurred to me that it would be sad if the intruder could not experience all the traps.
  • @calli6848
    25:50 You coulda used drip stone instead since it has the same physics as anvils but hits even harder since it also follows arrow’s damage scaling by speed