KPOP Dating Game - SUMMER HOLIDAYS Version 🍉

Published 2017-08-08
I know summer holidays are about to end in some countries! I couldn't do this game before because I was facing some problems, but I finally made it! 😊 I hope you liked it 💜
Thanks for playing!! ✌️

• Summer Lover - F(x)
• Night Rather Than Day - EXID
• Beautiful - SHINee

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  • @swan98
    Comment your results below if you want to ~ 🌞
  • pool party with: seventeen and vixx
    build a sand castle together: taemin
    goes to the movies with: mingyu
    walk along the beach in sunset with: yuta
    watches the strs at night: yoseob
    candle light dinner with: jinyoung
    gives me a flower bouquet: minho
    takes cute selfies together: I.M and Jooheon
    plays a song in the guitar: Jae
    goes to the amusement park together: Mark
    roadtrip together: donghae
  • @kikyo016
    pool party with - Block B and GOT7
    build a sand castle - Ilhoon
    movies - N
    walk along the beach at sunset with - Woohyun
    watch the stars with - RM
    candlelight dinner with - Jinyoung
    gives me flowers - Haechan
    selfies with - Hwanhee and Wooshin
    plays a song on the guitar for me -Yonghwa
    amusement park with - Mark
    road trip with - Donghae
  • Pool party with BTS and Shinee

    Build a sand castle with Taemin of Shinee

    Go to movies with N of VIXX

    Walk along the beach with Yuta of NCT

    Watch the stars with Namjoon of BTS

    Candle lit dinner with Jaehyo of Block B

    Flower bouquet from Minho of Shinee

    Take cute selfies with GOT7's Jackbam

    Song played for me by Yonghwa of CNblue

    Go to an amusement park with The8 of Seventeen

    Take a road trip with Kikwang of Highlight
  • @NOT_NK
    1. Vixx and Seventeen
    2. Shinee Taemin
    3. Mingyu Seventeen
    4. Yuta nct
    5. Namjoon bts
    6. Chen exo
    7. Haechan nct
    8. Got7 Jackbam
    9. Jaehyung Day6
    10. Yugyeom Got7
    11. Kikwang Highlight
  • @Kyoanime
    didn't get kikwang but still was attacked by his pic