California Wildfires: Electra Fire July 5 update

Published 2022-07-05
The Electra Fire burning in Amador County spread to 3,034 acres as of Tuesday morning, according to Cal Fire.

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  • david jones
    Timber sawed down should be gathered in long stripped areas. These areas should be wide enough so they can help stop forest fires from spreading and it would leave firefighters room enough to enter the stripped areas to fight the fires more easily. For the most part, timber should be cut down in the mountains that are closer to towns. I know that this would look strange but it could be very helpful to save people's homes and lives. It's like having a strategic war against forest fires. Most timber is selected individually to be cut down. That is ok as long as they cut the stripped areas out as well to prevent the spread of fires. When will they ever learn??
  • JT
    Remind me again why fireworks are legal in this state? The one easy thing politicians can do to minimize fire risk and, instead, there are countless fireworks for sale all over this state. It makes absolutely no sense.
  • Nicole Kaufman
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