30 Days: The Kai Cenat Documentary

Published 2023-03-16

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  • Deshae Frost
    Love brotha🤞🏾Honored to be apart of the journey💯
  • Jaymo910Clips
    "When the world is against him I will be at his feet supporting him" She is exactly what every mother should strive to be. Congratulations Kai you deserve it all.
  • Sundus Muse
    i’m not a day 1 supporter but seeing kai makes me happy and he really is him.
  • Xavier
    Almost cried as he reaches to world record this dude really inspirational man
  • Kedo
    this video legit made me tear up knowing where kai came from to where he is rn. to anyone who see's this anything is possible you will make it <3
  • Rwchon Gomes
    Crazy how he went from a kid just making short instagram skits to the biggest twitch streamer on the planet. inspirational.
  • Dozi
    One of the most inspiring things I’ve ever seen. All love Kai🖤
  • Tashara
    Love ❤️ Kai really had me crying 😢🤟🏽🤞🏽
  • Nester Helen
    congrats kai it has honestly been so cool to see how much you have succeeded and grown , and i’m so proud
  • Tatted Beautyy
    Love this 🫶🏼 I remember when I met Kai in 2020 & he was telling me he couldn’t believe how many people were noticing him and all the fans he had now look at him now so proud of you 💕 you deserve it all such a humble, down to earth genuine guy 🙏🏼
  • For the past month he’s gain over 200,000 subscribers and he did it with the support of us, friends and family. I watched everyday and I was very entertained. I’m so proud of him and I hope he doesn’t stop. Congratulations on the success
  • Griffin rome
    Born to late to explore the world and born to late to explore the universe but born just in time to watch Kai.
  • Itsmebugg
    So proud of you Kai !!! 🫶🏽 and duke did not have to put you out there at the end 😭
  • Aliyah monae
    this inspiring asf. kai really raising the bar for black content creators. he has it all the energy the personality the motivation of the people around him. im so proud he doing his thing fr , this documentary make me emotional bc im just so proud of him. he deserves everything he has