Who Is KADO THORNE & What Is His ULTIMATE PLAN? (Fortnite Storyline)

Published 2023-08-26
Who Is KADO THORNE & What Is His ULTIMATE PLAN? (Fortnite Storyline)

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All Comments (21)
  • @Alright281
    He owns a hotel while being a vampire, he's obviously the count Dracula
  • @mattlance5208
    it's sad that every time the whole story is sacrificed. Kado was an interesting character and like all old villains he is eliminated for no reason. Fortnite would have incredible potential if only it didn't sacrifice the story every time.
  • @SteakWasTaken
    He was the good guy all along, he brought us back to our childhood
  • @Mr3DGaming
    Great video again, my thoughts are that Kado Thorne's Time Machine is a modified version of The Rift Gate powered by Kinetic Ore, it has a much similar shape, and clearly uses a lot of power if it causes Eclipsed Estate to nearly go into a black-out. It's worth mentioning that Kado Thorne went back in time to Oro's release date, meaning he could be altering the past of Fortnite's story, which is why the island's at stake.
  • @gtmobadboy7993
    i hope slone is good, it would be a awesome character arc/development
  • @napimmidas886
    Midas had the golden touch on both hands so Midas still has the golden touch on one hand and I think Midas will definitely come for revenge
  • @bestianegra3725
    Hot vampire. But we also gotta remember that the changes he makes aren't permanent due to the loop.
  • @alexgrubka6582
    Well, for starters, he is an immortal vampire. Thanks to the glyphs that were discovered by Innovator Slone in the Jungle Biome, it can be confirmed that he's as old as time itself. He's been around for eons and has likely crossed paths with Geno sometime or the other
  • @TRG_R17
    I don't mind Kado spending his wealth on the island, the new location are the best looking on the map
  • @G8k-tootact
    He is used to travel in a time machine from every chapter in Fortnite to steal every valuable item from every chapter and season
  • @Notfooll
    Kado Thorne looks similar to ronin from chapter 3. I don’t think there the same person but they must be related somehow
  • @Soldado127
    Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Seven actually died, and Slone’s plot is to bring them all back. We have not heard even a peep from them since C3S4. The last thing we heard about their whereabouts is that it was some terrible place that corrupts everything it goes into. If the Seven somehow survived, I’d have no doubt they’d now be villains. So, if they are dead, maybe that’s what Slone is trying to do. Or maybe she’s trying to go back into a previous season with the hopes of changing events? Maybe she wants to go back to Collision, and instead of ending with IO’s defeat and the Seven’s victory, maybe a treaty, uniting their forces for the coming Nothing, and later the Last Reality? That is to say, if the Time Machine is even the “If you go back in time and change something, the future changes as well” type of Time Machine, or if it’s instead the “you can alter the past, but your present remains the same no matter what, and the past is actually a new timeline” type of Time Machine. This season being up a lot of questions, and I hope we get answers. I really hope Fortnite can finally tie everything together. And that all the storylines which seemingly went nowhere actually pay off.
  • @Semsem_tea
    Lets shed some light on kado thorn Kado thorn : dies......
  • Definitely feels like he might be intending to create an eclipse on the island. We haven't seen him venture out into the sun just yet, only his ghouls. Also, a lot of the mini bosses around the island seem to be completely covered in clothing and masks. Vampires working under Kado?
  • @sonielotaku3293
    my theory for chapter 5 season 1 (which I 100% believe) is that we are going to go to the past and change something so ch5s1 will be one of the past seasons we've had (probably a popular successful one) altered to have different POIs and skins. that would be really cool.
  • @finzard887
    I think that he might potentially be working with thr last reality of the past and he wil collect some kind of homing becon which will give thr coordinates of the new island to the cube cradle and they will come here and we will then have to use the time machine to escape (maybe even going to the chapter 1 map before season 1 which would tie in the greek gods from the survey skins)
  • @Tyrus69
    Bro is the king of subtitles
  • @slimycake6405
    I theorize that the apparatus was a countdown to Kados return, given the projection clearly showed the sun slowly eclipsing, closer towards thr seasons end. I think whoever made the apparatus knew Kado was bad news, and needed to tell when he would return