Smith & Wesson 15-22 Upgraded

Published 2023-01-24

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  • Awesome Austin
    Your iron sights are mounted backwards, they should flip back to close, the rear sight should be as far back to the charging handle as possible, slide the optic forward a little to the front edge of the receiver. now you'll be able to co-witness your iron sights thru your optic in case of optic malfunction and you want break your iron sights in the brush as they fold back if snagged on something. Great rifle !!
  • Analog Guy
    I have the same rifle - it has performed flawlessly. I exclusively use CCi AR Tactical 22 LR ammo - zero problems. Shortly after purchasing the rifle, I added a red dot from Feyachi - punched from Amazon based on overwhelmingly positive reviews, both on Amazon and other YouTube channels. For some reason I was under the impression that the Feyachi was an American made product. Disappointed to discover that it was made in China - The price should have alerted me. I try to not buy products made in China. Nevertheless, I have to give the Feyachi red dot an A+ rating. Once zeroed in, it has stayed zeroed in. Note: I clean my rifle after every time I use it - only takes ten or fifteen minutes. Good luck with your M&P AR 15-22.
  • Silent Room
    Buy an extra extractor, check the bolt before usingjust sn advice.
  • Gulf Coast Local
    Would advise getting a better optic. Those cheap Chinese red dots won’t hold zero even on a .22lr