Phil Collins - Drums, Drums & More Drums (Live) [1080p]

Published 2014-10-06
Phil Collins - Finally... The First Farewell Tour, Live At Bercy, Paris, 2004, DVD 1, Track 1

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  • @Bouler888
    DAS waren noch Musiker !!!! Das "heutige Gejaule" noch kaum auszuhalten !!!!
  • @bobbiehofer4924
    What I really wish for is that Phil Collins could see all the fabulous comments his fans leave so he knows how much he is loved. Phil we love and miss you so very much. I am sending best wishes and much health your way.
  • For all of his success Phil is somehow criminally underrated. He was a monster of a player, singer, songwriter and showman. He was a consummate professional, had an otherworldly work ethic and just recorded hit after hit. Whether it was with Genesis or Solo, everything he produced was brilliant. Everyone knows the hits, but there is much gold to be mined in the deep tracks.
  • @user-fv1cn5vh3n
    Please Like if you are still listening to this legendary song in 2024
  • This should be required viewing for every aspiring drummer. Simply incredible.
  • @danushakas6577
    When my Dad passed away in 2018, I said I will never dance again.. He had music in him. But to my surprise the Most High wants to to dance with me.. hallelujah!
  • My dad passed away around two weeks ago... Just before he went to the hospital and went on a ventilator he told me this was his favorite song. Nothing thus far has made me cry so quickly, this is a truly beautiful song and it resonates with my thoughts and feelings going through this loss
  • @nw6091
    This is the reason Phil Collins is up there in all time favorites.
  • @Harassed2Much
    This is not just banging drums to a beat. This is an example of making MUSIC with drums. Beautiful!
  • I feel for Phil: in his later years it hurt him like hell when he was playing, but it must have hurt him even more when he had to stop.
  • @petesmit33
    So sad we will never see this played live again...thank goodness for Youtube
  • You know, when Neil Peart says Phil Collins was one of his influences....Phil has been and always will be my favorite drummer and the man from whom I learned a great deal from. A magnificent musical genius.
  • People forget Phil is not just a great singer / songwriter … but an awesome musician
  • Phil Collins is, without a doubt, one of our times greatest songwriters and musicians. God bless him and his hard work through all these years.
  • @DouglasJMark
    A very rare and incredible performance. I've never seen a drum solo trio before. Magnificent indeed!
  • @jmljml518
    I haven't seen Phil Collins in years about 20 and I still can't believe that him and his drummer can still keep meater and time like these 2 can. They have to be twins with the way they are doing this without missing a beat or a drum. I'm still in awe with the way these 2 can play the same way identically.
  • @stripervince1
    How can anyone not love and respect the talent of this rock star. Incredible!
  • @ajn465
    It’s heavy to watch Phil doing what he really loves best. As a drummer, especially in the old Genesis days, his greatest strength was as a very detailed colorist. He never failed to create drum parts that elevated the music. He pioneered new drum sounds in the 80s that defined the decade. And along the way created some of the most memorable drum breaks ever. It’s not an athletic competition.. it’s music. And Phil is an unbelievably musical and creative gentleman.
  • @hartritter
    That is still one of THEEEEE MOST AMAZING performances I've ever seen!!!