Michelle McKinney Hammond Discontent vs. Discomfort

Published 2017-07-29
Find out more about Michelle McKinney Hammond's outlook on life. Do you feel stuck? She explains the difference between experiencing discontent and discomfort. Discomfort is a message from God that tells us to move from the place we are stuck in.

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  • I needed this word in my life. Reached an age in my life I need God more than ever and anything . Been there done that stage is over. God is my only answer. Seek the kingdom of God and everything will be added to it (your life). I always forget that quote but the stage and things I’ve been through I come back to that quote. Take the wheel Jesus. He’s the truth ,the way and the life.
  • Ms. Hill
    So glad I ran into your videos. Thank you woman of God for sharing so many great words of wisdom with us. 👏🏽
  • Kia Williams
    Ms. Michelle! You're a beautiful woman of God who blesses me every time you minister - through song & teaching! Your worship is genuine, I absolutely love the ministry that God has given you! You're truly blessing others with your gift. May God continue to pour out on you richly! Many blessings!
  • Lord Jesus! You have used 3 videos from this woman of God in this same day. I'm listening Lord! Hallelujah.
  • Nappy Scribe
    Am very surprised that you had difficulties in your school age. You are so confident.
    I have a friend from another country who’s now here in America who also says he’s not encumbered with DNA memory of slavery and definitely has a “can do” spirit.
    Enjoying your work!
  • Michelle Butler
    THANK YOU for this message Woman of God, it blessed my soul. Blessings to you 🙏🏽
  • Crystal
    SO GOOD! God gave you a powerful message for us-straight to the heart! Thank you, Michelle! ❤️ Praises to Jesus!
  • Kellie W.
    Thank you so much for this message. So much wisdom that I know I will have to watch it again. But the woman at the well. Dont let my past keep me from a present blessing. And dont let my circumstances produce a woe is me mentality.
  • Lolita Riley
    So powerful so truthful ! I’m thankful for you sis ! Please continue to let the LORD use you to help many like ME needing a word needing understanding.
  • Terri T.
    Thank you, Lord. I really needed to hear this. Now I need to walk boldly in it and not look back.
  • God is so awesome!!! I love the power of God! Anointing of this woman of God is intoxicated
  • julianne moore
    Im had a tough morning with adult children quarreling and im in the middle.. Thank you Jesus I needed this word..  God is Great.
  • dannie parrish
    🤗😆 Mrs. Hammond I love how you bring the revelation, it's like you present the word as your best friend and you want us to get to know Him like you know Him. 💜💜🔥
  • lynne bastow
    You are a lovely blessing to all who God directs in your path . Thank you for your teaching 🙏🏻🥰.
  • Joyce Hutson
    Ms. Michelle, was on my way to bed. Couldn't sleep. Straighten up a bit THEN completed hearing you teach. All I can say is ~ 💣💣💣💣💣 Thank you, God continue to bless you to give us His Word ~ in REAL time. 🌈
  • Edith hall
    An Excellent message but I said yes Lord 😇 and still says yes and I am in Discomfort anyhow.
    I Believe God and His Power and His will -Will be done.
    This Mourning and Grief process during my lonesome and saddest time are going to prepare me far greater than what I was. Those that wait Upon The Lord Shall Renew Their Strength.
  • Yvannia Chebella
    omg i absolutely love you. you helped me so much when i was down and out. for real. thank you Michelle. God bless you.
  • Carrie Creative
    Wow now I know what it would sound like if Wanda Sykes became an on fire evangelical🤗 God has a sense of humor and so does Michelle McKinney Hammond😂