Published 2010-03-13

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  • Val
    Even if it's 12 years old, it's got the quality of today's disney movies
  • Konsti
    The fact that this is 12 years old but has cloth simulation on that blanket that is better than most cloth simulations nowadays is insane.
    Either it's simulated or the madlads actually animated it themselves which would be even more insane.
  • Allice Cardoza
    Imagine opening your door and you see your neighbor riding a door to get some milk.
  • WebkinzLiker264
    This was REALLY cool for me to watch. I genuinely was curious about what was going on for this guy and felt bad for how exhausted he was. I don't know if he just hasn't gotten a good night's sleep in a long time, or he has narcolepsy but this was such an interesting experience. Not to mention I loved the art style and the blanket physics were GREAT.
  • isa
    I spent years looking for this animation, so in 2022 it appears out of nowhere on my YouTube recommendations.
  • willow.64
    12 years later and this animation is still very good 😮😮
  • Cabbage Lettuce
    I love the part when he ran to shut all the alarms off and ran to the bed right before the blanket fell down. Made me smile.
  • はな🌸
    I remember this boy being my first fictional crush when I was 7 💀
  • 김정진
    It's a work by a Korean artist. Everything in the house was drawn so realistically.
  • Shou4645_tibam
    ya hace 12 años y la animación tiene mas calidad que ahora, solamente me queda identificarme con el vídeo....👻❤
  • Rashmi Verma
    My man has accuracy to shoot even after 2 seconds of waking up 😳
  • Wendy Clark
    The way he shakes during a big yawn. The way the bed bounces when he gets back in. The way the toes curl with that one that curls more than the others. The movement of fabric. EXCEPTIONAL!!
  • Victor Munhoz
    I remember watching this when I was younger and just thinking it was normal for kids older than me to have guns
  • Peter Baradei
    damn, 360p was considered HD back then, that was a decade ago. Imagine what we'll have in 2030
  • This guy literally describes me . I am a high school student and I set at least 5 alarm clocks To not go back to sleep . 😂However, some days I miss school because I slept
  • Nadai_omo
    Loved this, and the animation was extremely charming. The part where he clings to the door just to grab the milk was so ridiculous in the best way possible. Man, I love 12-13 year old animations. 😭
  • Lauren Crofford
    No joke, I set this many alarms on my phone in the morning in order to wake up.
    Once I got woken up by my alarm and was so lazy that I ended up closing it in my dreams without me realizing it was a dream 😂

    The alarm didn't actually close, but in my dreams it did, so I slept peacefully through the alarm like it was nothing.