College Football 25 | Gameplay First Look

Published 2024-07-08
Your Exclusive first look at College Football 25 gameplay, featuring cover athlete Donovan Edwards and @BordeauxYT.

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All Comments (21)
  • @dayonnn2
    These 9 days feel longer than 11 years fr
  • @BordeauxYT
    Playing against Donovon Edwards instead of the CPU is gonna be an interesting change of pace
  • @musicmanorhehe
    My grandpa was 83 when he passed last year and he was excited about this. He’s a huge college football fan. Even though he was an Ohio state die hard fan he loved the whole game of football.
  • @josephg3
    5:39 the fact that the crowd doesn’t react until he breaks free might be one of the smallest, yet coolest features that I haven’t seen before
  • @brando8408
    Bordeaux’s passing decisions are as infuriating as ever 😂
  • @Mesena2773
    The graphics are freaking crazy...R.I.P to all the boys who didn't make it. We'll make you proud
  • @JoyouHoli
    It's fantastic to see fans respond to big plays rather than doing nothing at all.
  • @NancySoo-y3h
    Rebuilding schools is going to be hard against elite teams.
  • That second game was just peak Bordeaux passing. Deep receivers only regardless of coverage.
  • @Macee4
    time flies until you’re waiting for something 😤
  • @EPT817
    Bring back EA sports college basketball too
  • @Treyfrm559
    "why are u dancing ur down by 40" the funniest part ever 😭🤣😢
  • @BrandonCF23
    Every single friendship finna get ended by this game😂
  • @NTE_
    I’m taking Donovan Edwards by 100
  • @irvingsmith6559
    This game can’t get here fast enough. These coming days will feel longer than 11 years 😂 thank you for bringing this back!!! Now how about college basketball and baseball????? I miss those too.
  • This is actually going to carry me until gta 6 and I’m completely fine with that 😂
  • @KianaDChaudhry
    I can’t believe EA was capable of making a good football game this entire time
  • @FSUnick
    can i got to bed and wake up when it drops 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥