Live PD: Most Viewed Moments from Missoula County, Montana - Part 2 | A&E

Published 2020-05-29
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Check out the top 7 moments from the Missoula County, Montana Sheriff's Office, including one man who harassed a 12-year-old boy on the street, and one man who had an attitude with an officer after he was pulled over. #LivePD
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All Comments (21)
  • Didymus 1999
    Imagine being extremely drunk and all of a sudden a sheriff almost a head taller than you with a voice like Kermit the frog but an octave lower appears.
  • Devin Whitley
    Legend has it, he’s still unsure if the officers were serious or not.
  • Scooby Doo
    The cop with Billy is a king- that’s a perfect example of de-escalation and building community bonds, especially for people who have traditionally had negative interactions with the police.
  • J r
    The lady going 105 mph is a prime example of WHAT NOT TO DO WHEN PULLED OVER ,
  • ssanderford63
    The Missoula County Sheriff's department should be teaching training classes to law enforcement officers nationwide. I have never seen such a collection of polite and professional officers.
  • Best police officer conduct I've ever seen. The officer realizing the Billy dude didn't like the way he was treated by cops before so he decided to give him warnings to change his outlook. Such a professional move.😊😊
  • LionsBe Tryin
    Drunk guy- “Are you serious??” Asks officer 50x.


    Drunk guy- “ I just have one question.. are you serious?”
  • Unknown
    The cop who stopped the man speeding with the dogs is a great example of a good cop. He remained down to earth and respectful during the interaction. Most cops would tow your car for not having insurance!
  • Eclihpse
    Connor saw the camera and thought it was a prank show 😂
  • Vickieh1981
    The guy who terrified the 12 year old is an awful person. I can’t believe there wasn’t something else they could charge him with.
  • Fencesitter
    See the cops who recognize that there is nothing serious going on and then giving people warnings are doing the right thing. It helps to build a positive relationship between the cops and the public. That is what I call smart policing.
  • Nolan Baker
    I love how the dad said, “just look at my kid” and the officer just responded with almost zero care “Yeah, I see him”…haha priceless
  • Camilo González
    Legend says that to this day, he still doesn't know if they were serious
  • october 11
    The drunk guy: Are you serious?
    The officer: How many time are you gonna ask me that?
    The guy: Exactly!
    I wish I could see his face and reaction 🤣🤣🤣
  • airsoft 101
    As a person that has dealt with these police officers as I live in Montana they did nothing different for the cameras they were very nice and respectful when they cuffed me
  • These cops from Montana seem so nice. I wish all of them could act like this with people.
  • Midwest Mike
    The officer that diffused the situation with Billy was one of the best police interactions I've witnessed.
  • DoctorX17
    We need more cops like the guy stopping to say hi to the dude with the pony. Not just “out to get the bad guy”, but wanting to be an overall positive part of the community
  • Casperian
    The first officer sounds like the voice of someone whose voice has been altered to conceal and protect ones identity.
  • Fuzzy Mcwuffy
    The pony part was wholesome tbh. The officer deals with so much and he sees a nice little pony out on the street and he’s like “this is refreshing.”